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2018 January Favorites

A new year brings new changes, and for my blog it means that I am upping the ante and posting nine favorites instead of six. I may regret it down the line when I’m scraping for things to talk about, but at least for now, I simply cannot narrow my favorites down to six.

#1. Ddeokguk (Rice Cake Soup) – The Korean tradition goes, that you simply must have ddeokguk in order to get a year older during the New Year celebrations. I happily ate it when I was a kid, but once I hit my 20s I wasn’t so eager to have it anymore. Still, I can’t deny that it’s a delicious broth based soup that just goes hand in hand with the holidays.

#2.  O’slo Latte Float – I thought root beer floats were good until I tried a latte float. I love getting them at O’slo because after they put the soft serve in the cup they put it in the fridge for 60 seconds before serving. It gives the ice cream a crisp texture on the outside which I absolutely love!

#3. Wild Strawberry & Scottish Raspberry Sparkling Water – They have these now at the Twosome cafes here in Korea and I loved the bottle design so much that I brought it home with me! They’re made by a brand in the UK called Franklin & Sons and I hope they never change to plastic bottles. I think it would be really pretty to reuse the bottles in the kitchen, but I just found out that they’re not sold in the U.S. – which makes me really really sad as I’m moving back soon. I might just have to collect the bottles here and carry them over with me in my carry-on luggage somehow….

#4. House of White – A big part of the bridal experience is picking out the dress, and I found mine at the House of White in Newburgh, Indiana. I loved the decor and the beautiful dresses there and had a fabulous time trying out dresses!

#5. Engagement Photo – Most couples get engagement photos taken and I toyed with the idea of it early on, but after looking through wedding related photos I found that the ones that I was drawn to were primarily elopement photos, wedding dress photos, or photos of the wedding decor. When I started budgeting for our wedding and honeymoon I quickly realized that I was going to have to set some priorities, and dropped the engagement photo sessions without much hesitation. I did manage to snag this “selfie” photo in a mirror at the House of White, and loved how it turned out!

#6. Engagement Ring – Brilliant diamond with my birthstone sapphires on the side. I wrote more about the proposal on my engagement post!

#7. Pork Ribs – These were probably the best pork ribs I’ve ever had, but unfortunately they are quite a bit aways from Seoul. The grill was called So-dam-go-eul and was located near the Osan Air Base. These ribs were meaty, juicy, and marinated to perfection!

#8. Incra T Ruler – Oh dear ruler, where have you been all my life?! This ruler has micro holes which help you mark dots and lines with astonishing precision and has changed my life for the better! I use it to draw guidelines for calligraphy and it saves me so much time it’s not even funny!

#9. Cozy Gray Blanket – The Airbnb I was staying at during my trip to Indiana was so chilly that I went and got myself an extra blanket. I’ve been all over Scandinavian decor pics as of late and have fallen for all the soft grays.

Your Turn ♥ What have you been loving this winter season? Are you staying cozy in all this cold weather?

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