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3CE – Cream Orange & Bohemian Pink Jumbo Lip Crayon


Cream Orange and Bohemian Pink are two colors that I snatched up when I stopped by 3 Concept Eyes. I was in a playful mood for pastels and these colors just sounded delicious! As much as I love burgundy in the fall and winter, I can’t wait for this brutal winter to end. I’m earnestly waiting for spring with all it’s pretty pastels and florals.


The lip crayons go on like a creamy dream, but as like most creamy lippies they require your lips to be in tip top shape. The problem is my lips have been in such a chapped state from all these frigid winds that I haven’t had a chance to wear these out yet. Creamy lipsticks and chapped lips do not mix at all! I’ve been trying to remember to put on a nourishing lip balm before I go to bed so that my lips don’t look like the Sahara in the morning, but to be honest the moment I step outside the winds are chapping up my entire face. So once my lips are back in working order I’ll have to try these out again to see if they actually look nice on nourished lips, or if they’re just naturally inclined to highlight every line in my lip.

Your turn ♥ Have you tried a lip crayon before? Which one is your favorite?

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