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3CE – Cream Orange & Bohemian Pink Jumbo Lip Crayon


Cream Orange and Bohemian Pink are two colors that I snatched up when I stopped by 3 Concept Eyes. I was in a playful mood for pastels and these colors just sounded delicious! As much as I love burgundy in the fall and winter, I can’t wait for this brutal winter to end. I’m earnestly waiting for spring with all it’s pretty pastels and florals.


The lip crayons go on like a creamy dream, but as like most creamy lippies they require your lips to be in tip top shape. The problem is my lips have been in such a chapped state from all these frigid winds that I haven’t had a chance to wear these out yet. Creamy lipsticks and chapped lips do not mix at all! I’ve been trying to remember to put on a nourishing lip balm before I go to bed so that my lips don’t look like the Sahara in the morning, but to be honest the moment I step outside the winds are chapping up my entire face. So once my lips are back in working order I’ll have to try these out again to see if they actually look nice on nourished lips, or if they’re just naturally inclined to highlight every line in my lip.

Your turn ♥ Have you tried a lip crayon before? Which one is your favorite?

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  • Those colors look so pretty, really gets me excited for spring! I totally understand the lips thing, it seems like no matter how well I take care of them, the winter just works against me 24/7 haha. I’ve tried a MAC lip crayon, which I’ve really loved, but have yet to branch out and try any others.

    • Kim

      Right?! I think the cold wind just dries (or freezes for that matter) up any moisture left as soon as you step foot outside!

  • I love 3CE for lip colours – the colours are just so vibrant. I’ve been wearing one of their lipsticks and the colour is so good that it’s almost like a stain! I use a lip scrub ALL the time these days and then slather on a deep conditioning lip balm before bed. Only way to go in the Winter these days! I bet Korea is freezing right now too!

    • Kim

      Last week was the worst when it dipped to -16’C! It was cold inside my room even with the heater on:S I should probably use a lip scrub more often. I always seem to forget when I’m washing my face because it’s not part of my usual routine. Thanks Winnie!

      • Oh gosh that’s incredibly cold! I’m complaining about the cold and it’s like 4 degrees here. Hope you’re wrapping up warm Kim! x

        • Kim

          It’s gotten a bit warmer these past few days, yay! The sun has come out and the temperatures haven’t been so drastic so it’s a huge relief :D

  • The packaging is so pretty! I’ve never heard of this brand before. For your chapped lips, have you tried a salve? I like Rosebud Salve (a cult favorite) overnight. It really seems to do the trick. Any petrolatum based emollient will do – Vaseline and Aquaphor are great too. You can also exfoliate with a wet toothbrush in the morning. Guarantee this will improve the condition of your lips to wear these.

    • Kim

      It’s a Korean brand that came out of a clothing store called Style Nanda! They do have really pretty packaging and their store is pretty cool to visit too :D I actually do use a salve before bed every night, and it does help but hasn’t entirely fixed the problem. I am going to try drinking more water to see if I will help ;)