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Flower Market & Succulents


Over the past couple of years, I’ve really learned that happiness is something you create. Part of happiness for me is looking back and remembering the good times and experiences that I had throughout the year. Good times and experiences can happen without planning, but to be honest I find that I have more fun experiences when I actively seek them out.

Living in a concrete jungle, I feel like it’s important to remember to mix some green experiences into my life. It’s all well and good to hang out at cafes and go to concerts, but sometimes you really just need some time to reconnect with nature. Sometimes that means going to the park, sometimes it means going to the mountains, and sometimes it means going to a flower market with rows and rows of green houses chock full of flowers and plants!




As you can see, succulents were only 1,000 won which is basically $1. If you try to buy succulents in flower shops in the main parts of the city they’ll ask for up to $6 per succulent. Usually they’ll come in a nicer pot, but even then it feels a little overpriced. So I prefer to buy them at the flower market!



I always like to pick up some flowers while I’m at the flower market, but this time I decided to go for some dried flowers. They last so much longer than regular flowers so I’ll have some pretty flowers on my desk for a good few months! I also picked up two succulents to add to my terrarium. I would love to get my hands on some purple succulents, but I wasn’t able to find them at this flower market so I may have to look online. For now though, I’m really happy seeing all my succulents grow and sprout into new baby succulents!

Your Turn ♥ Have you been to a flower market before? What’s your favorite kind of flower?

+Photo taken by my dear friend @lissajov

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