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It’s Time For A Potluck


One of the loveliest parts of blogging is getting to know other bloggers in the community. Today, I’m adding to this lovely potluck that I was invited to by Krissy over at All The Details. Her lifestyle blog is a beautiful concoction of tender photos and treasure finds that celebrate the small happy moments of life.

#. My Dish

  • I’m a shower songbird. Not because I’m a good singer by any means, but just because it makes me happy. Ed Sheeran is my jam.
  • Stairs scare me. Especially if they are rickety, steep, and are as old as Saint Paul’s Cathedral.
  • I’m a flirt when it comes to books. There is rarely ever just one book on my currently-reading-list.
  • Without a doubt, I am a shutterbug. During a two week trip to Europe, I took over 8,000 photos.
  • The key to my heart is tomato pasta. Read: amatriciana or arrabiata.
  • I’m allergic to shellfish. Mollusks to be exact, but I can never remember or spell that word.
  • Waffles > Pancakes

– Menu –
Here are some of my favorite reads and vlogs. Bon appétit!

Your turn ♥ Tell me a fun fact about yourself and a blog recommendation in the comments below!


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  • I love seeing posts like this! (and such a fun surprise to see The Fashionography up there!) I swear we’re the same person, waffles really are better than pancakes and I really have to force myself to just read one book at a time ;) It’s just like, so many books so little time! Haha.

    • Kim

      Yes! There are so many books that I want to read, it’s hard to just pick one at a time:P We should start a waffle club lol. I’ll take waffles over a stack of pancakes anyday ;)

  • Lauren

    This is SO fun! Okay here’s my fun fact: my mom and I had the same 3rd grade teacher, 20 years apart! And if you’d like a blog recommendation, I suggest totravelandbeyond.com. Thank YOU for all of your recommendations!

    Lauren :)

    • Kim

      That’s pretty awesome that you got to share the same teacher with your mom! Parent teacher conference must have been super fun :P Thanks for the blog recommendation and I hope you enjoy these reads!

  • K.

    I was sitting here reading your blog, thinking I’m going to check out some cool new blogs and then I see my name lol. You should have seen my face. Thank you so much for the mention. I always wonder if my readers are enjoying themselves, so thank you so much… this made my day. I also loved learning more about you. Now I have to check out some of your recommendations :).

    Kia / KTS

    • Kim

      Hehe I always enjoy reading your blog because it always feels like a special surprise to peek into! Hope you enjoy the other lovely reads too ;)

  • Love that you included some little facts about you in this post! :)Love you blog, just discovered it! I recently went to Europe too and we used so many memory cards, we even had to buy a new one! lol

    Miriam ♥ A whole lot of serendipity

    • Kim

      Ahhhhh!!! Me too!! I took something like 8 or 9 memory cards to Europe that added up to nearly 180GB worth of photos and videos. I sort of wish my eyes were just constantly taking footage for me lol.

  • Yay, these are awesome facts! I’ve never heard of the phrase “shutterbug.” So cute. Also, thanks for categorizing the blog links. I’m going to check them out now:)

    • Kim

      Thanks so much for the tag Krissy :D I had so much fun writing this post! Not sure where I picked up the word shutterbug from, but it sort of stuck with me all these years hehe.

  • Oh thank you Kim for your shoutout and to put me in with Ruth & Wayne…what an honour! This was a lovely read, I am all about those tomato based pastas too, yummy! Also, is there any greater breakfast food than waffles? I think not x

    • Kim

      Yes! Cream and oil pastas can be good, but I’m always happiest with the tomato based ones :D It’s always fun paying a visit to your blog because it feels sparkly and magical, and I’m always learning something new! ;)

      • Oh, you’re so kind! I’m glad you like it xx