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Kip’s First Snow

Here in the Washington it usually rains but we finally got some snow! This is Kip looking like he’s ready to have some fun.

It was Kip’s very first time seeing snow but I think it was more exciting for me than for him.  He sniffed it, contemplated it, then casually went about his “business” in it.  Me and Preston took him to a field next to our apartment to let him run around a bit.

It was still snowing a little bit when we were outside. I felt a little guilty that I was all bundled up in warm clothes and boots when Kip was just braving it with his bare paws.

He ran around us in a circle a few times, mostly excited to be off-leash. We thought it was funny that he didn’t notice a flock of birds ahead of us. Maybe he was too distracted by the cold feeling of the snow? The flock of birds noticed him though, and they decided it would be better to fly off before he actually noticed them. These couple of images are a bit low res because they are clips from a video I took.

What Kip did spot was a lonely old duck sitting in a puddle of water. He took off at a 100/mph to chase that poor duck!  He ran through the pond the duck had been sitting in and got soaking wet.


Kip always looks so funny when he’s running at full speed.  He runs with his ears flat on the back of his head and his body is a little hunched up.  Later in the evening when there was about 6 inches of snow on the ground we took him out again.  This time the surface had hardened a bit and he seemed a little surprised that he feet were sinking and “falling through the ground.” We let him run in the field again and it was even funnier than during the day. Since his feet were getting stuck in the snow he was running around like a rabbit!


Have your dogs had fun in the snow this year?



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  • I saw the news about the snow! PLEASE don’t send your snow over to Texas hahaha! But TOto first snow was very interesting too! TOto was like scare of the snow and was very careful treading on snow, and was apprehensive about peeing on them, it was SO FUNNY! We did have a clip of TOto playing in snow with one of his best friend too! >> http://ourwestie-toto.blogspot.com/2011/02/our-westie-toto-playing-in-snow.html

    Oh TOto ran this way too! It was so FUNNY! I guess it is a Terrier trait …

    GOsh luckily TOto is not as BRAVE as Kip and won’t run into water. TOto loves to chase duck but so far he will definitely stop before the water hahaha!! TOto is a WUSS!

    • Kim

      How has the weather been over there at Texas? I lived in Texas for a very very short period in my life when I was really young. The only thing I vaguely remember is that it was so hot and I didn’t understand why it was ok for guys to walk around without a shirt and not me. I think I hadn’t even started elementry school at that point. haha.

      Isn’t it so funny how they run? I’m not sure if it’s a terrier trait, but I think that Australian Terrier’s might have a bit of westie blood in them. I forget exactly what they mixed to breed the Australian Terrier.

  • Agh, I keep missing your new posts, so I made it easy for me and subscribed, lol. Should’ve done that in the first place.

    Well, we live in the desert, where it gets cold enough to snow in the winter, but we usually don’t get the precipitation. Luckily this year, has been a freak year where it’s snowed a lot. It snows here every few years or so, but I don’t remember it happening this much!

    Yuki loves the snow. Rocket hates it. I always tell him, come one Rocket your German, you should love this snow! Although, when I lived in Germany, I could never get used to the cold and snow. Probably since I grew up in the desert. I’m sure its the same for him. I try and put coats on the pups when its too cold, but if it snows again I’ll probably have to get them snow boots so their paws won’t get damaged. I saw them being sold for like $7-$8 at a Ross. Be careful when Kip gets wet, you don’t won’t him to get sick since it’s so cold. That was one thing my dad taught me, he had dogs,cats,chickens, etc. growing up. Anytime we’d bathe our dogs he’d warn me to be careful even when bathing them.

    Anyway, seems I’ve written book for a comment,lol. I love the pictures, they came out great. I love the last one where Kip’s expression seems like he’s saying “what?”

    Yuki and Rocket

    • Kim

      I really should have thought about getting Kip some snow boots before I let him run around in the snow. It didn’t seem to be a problem when there wasn’t much, but once there were a few inches on the ground..I almost panicked when I saw his legs were red and sore. I thought he was bleeding at first. I didn’t take him out in the snow anymore after that.

      I have such a rough time keeping Kip to stay remotely still after a bath or anytime he gets a little wet. He makes the biggest commotion and won’t rest until he has wiped the water all over my bed, little jerk! Sometimes I manage to keep him wrapped up in a towel by coaxing him with treats, but I think I need to come up with a bathrobe that will stay on him. I’ve been avoiding using a dryer because his skin has been so dry these days..