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6 Movie Star Skin Care Tips


Go Hyun-jung is a Korean actress famed for perfect skin despite being in her 40s.  If anyone knows the secrets to flawless skin it’s her, so I was all over her book when it first came out in 2011. It’s been a while since I’ve read the book so I thought I’d go back to it as a refresher. The best word to describe Go Hyun-jung’s skincare routine would be dedication. As going to a spa to get a facial 3 times a week can be time-consuming, she prefers to care for her skin at home on a daily basis. Here are some of the tips that I learned from her book:

#. Clean Everything: Before you wash your face, Go Hyun-jung suggests that you brush your teeth,  blow your nose, and wash your hands. If you’ve got a pimple the first thing you should do clean your house and wash your pillows & sheets. She emphasizes that dust and germs will wreak havoc on your skin. Clean your glasses, your phone, and your cosmetic bottles too!

#. Be Gentle when you’re washing your face. The idea is to gently run your fingers along your skin feeling every part of your face, rather than rubbing it. Go Hyun-jung likes to “press” warm water into her skin for 5 minutes before she even reaches for a cleanser. Considering I only splashed water on my face for 15 seconds tops before using cleanser, this is a pretty long time to be washing your face. I’ve settled on washing my face in the shower. This way I have warm water on my face for longer than a few seconds, and the steam might help with opening the pores as well.

#. Home Spa: Go Hyun-jung spends another 5 minutes massaging lotion into her face and neck. She also enjoys taking baths for 40 minutes with a few drops of essential oils. She practices yoga and face yoga by repeating the sounds mah-meh-me-mo-moo ten times. These are all things you can do at home without spending a fortune at a spa, but they do take time and dedication!

#. SPF: Sunscreen is essential for both face and hands, even when you’re lounging around at home.

#. Diet: Basically, you want to be eating enough food so that the nutrition will reach your skin.

#. Laugh: According to the book, six-year-old children laugh 300 times a day, whereas someone in their 30s will only laugh 15 times a day.

Your turn ♥ What are some of your skincare tips? How many times do you laugh in a day?

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