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Paris: La Madeleine


Paris is one of those places where you could randomly toss a stone and hit a sculpture. The city has certainly been blessed with beautiful sculptures with amazing details. I hadn’t actually planned on seeing the Madeleine church, but after spotting it from afar it was impossible not to get a closer look! It looks like the Parthenon, but it’s actually taller than the actual Parthenon.





It’s a shame we humans don’t have wings like angels. I for one would love to fly up to take a closer look at the series of domes in the ceiling. It was a peculiar feeling to see this hybrid church that is built in the form of a “pagan” temple used for Christian service. I don’t think I’ve quite figured it out yet.

Your turn ♥ What’s the coolest building you’ve discovered while wandering around?

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  • Ah what a nice discovery! It really does look like the Parthenon. Speaking of which, I’ve encountered the Parthenon replica that’s in Nashville, TN haha. Perhaps one day I’ll see the original…


    • Kim

      Oooh I remember a friend telling me about it but I’ve not been to Tennessee before. Did you do a post on it before? I hope we both get to see the original some day ;)

  • Oh wow, this is just simply stunning. I wish I had wings, haha. I’d probably use em’ to be more punctual, haha.

    • Kim

      Hehe it would be nice to skip the traffic and fly directly from A to B wouldn’t it? ;)

  • Lovely. Paris has so many little surprises. We found the same thing in Rome. I guess that’s why we can keep traveling back to these classic cities – there’s always something else to see!

    • Kim

      I loved Rome! I went to Rome after having seen Paris and it was so inspiring to see the place that has inspired so much architecture and art! I’ve yet to have seen Greece but I really want to go for the same reasons!

  • Ah, such beautiful pictures (as always). I love stumbling across beautiful architecture, or places in general; sometimes that makes it all the better when you weren’t expecting it, and it turns out to become a favorite. Love it!

    • Kim

      Oooh yes it’s like finding a hidden gem that nobody knew about! Well maybe they knew, but they didn’t tell you so it’s like you discovered it ;) ;)