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Pet Can Food Lid

Have you ever noticed the can lids when you’re paying for your dog’s can of food? They always seemed to catch my eye and I thought, that’s pretty nifty. I should get one some day. I’ve managed to hold out until now because they always had some sort of hideous logo or advertisement on it. They’re usually just round and look like a Pyrex lid only more stiff. Then I saw this beauty at All the Best Pet Care in Issaquah. It’s a flexible suction lid by Dexas Popware for Pets.

This is how it looks straight out of the simple packaging. I like that their logo is small and in the corner of the lid while the body is a simple solid color.

The bottom side was a little dusty. I went ahead and washed it by hand but it sais it’s dishwasher safe which is always a plus!

With the slightest touch it’ll immediately show off its suction powers.

You can see I’m holding it by its small handle and holding it over the lamb. The suction is really strong but it’s not difficult to take off. It’s wider than the can so you don’t have to worry about aligning it right and checking if it’s not sealed in. It’s incredibly easy to take off and takes no effort at all. If you’ve ever struggled to take off a lid of a container you’ll love this. I can take this off with two fingers!

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  • i usually feed yuki and rocket kibble mixed with homemade meat/veggies, but i do buy canned dog food occasionally to mix when i’ve run out of the homemade stuff. normally i don’t keep the food in the can, i place the leftovers in a seperate container. i know the cans are supposed to be safe, since the ones i buy say it’s lined with a special coat so it’s safe to store after opening, but i still don’t do it. i think it’s the germophobe in me. i have seen those lids for cans though, like the martha stewart collection at petsmart has them. the one you have, i have never seen before. the ones i see are the typical ones you described. :)

    • Kim

      Do you get cans from Blue Buffalo as well?
      I’m not sure what the normal lids are made out of but this one is made out of silicone.
      Do you make a batch of homemade meat/veggie mix at a time? I remember seeing a blog where a person did that for her dogs but she made a raw mix. She would make a months worth of mix of raw meat and fresh fruits and vegetables. I don’t think I would feel comfortable managing raw food but cooked food I think I might try some day.

  • I have gotten one big one from a clearance sales for US$5.00 for his feeding bowl when he doesn’t finish his meal!

    Just recently I made use of my discount coupon from petsmart to get a few of such silicon cap for our own use for our tuna can or condensed milk can hahahaha ~