Italic Guidelines




Guidelines are undoubtedly essential when learning and practicing calligraphy. However, it takes quite a bit of time to draw guidelines so a lot of people tend to find guidelines online or place guidelines under their paper. I found the guidelines available for free online to be a bit clunky and sorely lacking margins, so I took things into my own hands and made some clean and minimal guidelines. You can download the pdf file and put sketchbook paper into your printer to print it out. Just make sure that your print settings are to Actual Size.

Paper size: A4
Nib size: 2mm & 3mm (two different files)
Slope: 5°
Ascender: 5 nib widths
Body height: 5 nib widths
Descender: 5 nib widths
Capital height: 2 nib widths above body height

Please use for personal practice and not commercial use or redistribution. Thank you!


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