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Seoul – Dongho Bridge Nightscape


If you love nightscapes and are planning to visit Seoul, Dongho Bridge could be a lovely spot to have a glass of wine. Last weekend I got together with a group of friends and picnicked next to the Han River with a bottle of wine. It was a bit chilly so dress warmly or bring a warm blanket! If you plan to take a river cruise on the Han, I would definitely do it at night when the lights are on. I’ve been on a Han River cruise during the day and it wasn’t particularly impressive.

2015-silentlyfree-seoul-han-river-01 Dongho Bridge is near Ga-ro-su-gil which is a trendy shopping area in the Gang-nam area of Seoul. To be honest, most people who visit Seoul seem to stay in the Gang-book area as there is a concentration of shopping areas as well as the cultural sites. However, if you’re staying for an extended time I would definitely swing by Ga-ro-su-gil as there are some interesting shops and cafes as well as some great foodie places!

Your turn ♥ Would you like to visit Seoul someday? Let me know what kind of things you would like to experience in Seoul!

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