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Shakespeare’s Globe in Seoul: Hamlet


After a yearlong wait, the Shakespeare’s Globe World Tour finally came to Seoul! Korea has been their #123 destination and I was very excited to see them! I missed out on seeing the Shakespeare’s Globe while I was in London, and I was determined to get a ticket while they were in Seoul. I was also determined to get a good seat, so I sat outside the ticket tent from 2pm till 6pm with a couple of friends. There were people who had been waiting since 10am, but I was the first to sit in line in front of the ticket tent and got to choose the best seats in the yellow wing. We sat through rain and shine as it suddenly showered down three times during the otherwise clear hot day.



This Hamlet performance was my first time seeing a Shakespeare play off-screen and I was not disappointed! The acting was absolutely brilliant! The actors took on more than one role by changing costumes and props, and they made clever use of the small stage by using a makeshift curtain. These talented actors also played some music during the opening and closing of the play so that it really felt like a traveling group of actors had casually dropped by.



This performance felt spot on compared to the 1996 film directed and acted by Kenneth Branagh. The internal struggle felt palpable and the hollow madness in Ophelia’s eyes sent shivers down my spine. It was some of the best acting that I’ve seen live and on-screen, and it makes me envious of everyone that lives within an hour of London!

Your turn ♥ Have you seen any good plays before? Which one was your favorite?

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