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Switzerland – Jungfrau


When you visit Switzerland, you suddenly realize how sterile and confined city life has become. Trees are confined to designated squares along the sidewalk, there’s more concrete and asphalt than grass and dirt, and the air is full of so much dust and smoke it’s suffocating. Is it any wonder we’re all sick and constantly needing to detox when we’ve replaced everything natural with cement?






I spy with my little eye, a red Swiss flag and a brave little crow. This crow is on the top of the top of Europe. Nobody has been higher in Europe than he has. This platform is the highest point of Europe, and this little crow beat everyone by sitting on the line above everyone else. I wonder if he flew up there or snuck up inside the train? I had the misfortune of being at Jung Frau on a foggy day, but it was still an interesting experience walking out into snow and rough winds and slippery platforms. If I ever return to Switzerland I’ll have to make sure I stay a week or so and pick a nice clear day to go up there.




I found that the high altitude gave me a terrible headache, so I decided to come back down halfway to a village called Wengen. My headache went away once I came down from Jung Frau and I was able to enjoy the lovely sights and fresh air. So check the weather report before heading up to Jung Frau and if it’s foggy or raining up there, go for a nice hike or wander around Switzerland villages half way up the mountain instead!

Your turn ♥ When’s the last time you were up in the mountains? What is your favorite thing about being up in the mountains?

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