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Urban Decay Naked vs Naked 2 Palette Comparison


Beauty lovers in Korea rejoice! Urban Decay finally launched in Korea last month and I didn’t know until I ran smack into the one at the Galleria department store in Seoul. I’ve been wanting to try the Naked palettes for a few years now, so you could probably imagine how ecstatic I was to see it for the first time in person. Now that I have my hands on both of them, I thought I’d do a Naked vs Naked 2 comparison for those who haven’t pulled the trigger yet.



The Naked palette has a velvet texture that closes with a magnet. I personally don’t mind that it’s not a metal case like the Naked 2 palette as it’s easy to open and close when short on time, and I’m probably never going to take it with me when I travel. Even if it had the sturdy Naked 2 casing, I would opt to take something more compact. I think the Naked palette has a more glamorous look than the Naked 2 palette, but that velvet picks up quite a bit of dust. God forbid I ever get foundation marks on it!



I much prefer the mirror size of the Naked 2 palette because it just has a clean look, and there is some extra space and a curved groove to the right of the brush tray that makes it easier to take out.


Speaking of brushes, I noticed that both the Naked palette and the Naked 2 palette had double ended brushes. Most of the reviews comparing the Naked and Naked 2 palette featured the original one sided brush for the original Naked palette so I was a bit surprised. I was also a bit miffed to see that the extras such as the primer potion sample or the gloss were not included, as those were mentioned in many reviews as well. I’m not sure if they’ve stopped including these globally or just for their product launch in Korea. Because I had purchased two palettes at the same time, I was given a mini lipstick and two primer potion samples as a gift. It still irked me that if I had only purchased one palette, I wouldn’t have gotten any samples at all.


An unexpected discovery happened while I was photographing the palettes. The Naked 2 palette sort of tipped back because of the weight of the lid. It doesn’t tip back when the brush is in the brush tray, but I was sort of amused to find that the palette wasn’t weighted properly. Now, I don’t mind quite as much as I will probably be using the brushes I already have, and keep the brush it came with in the tray. However, if you don’t have a separate brush for eyeshadow you might consider propping up the mirror in the back to keep it from tipping, as it can tip up over an inch above the ground.

#. Swatches
Now, the biggest problem I had when I was considering buying a Naked palette was choosing which one to get. While the Temptalia swatches were somewhat helpful, they didn’t exactly help me compare the shadows by color. So I thought I’d do some swatches by color, for whoever needs them and for personal reference.


Virgin is a shimmer that’s not nearly as shiny as Verve, but similar shimmer to Bootycall. I’m afraid they are looking a little matte in this photo, but they are in fact shimmers. Virgin is cooler, Bootycall is warmer. Verve is the brightest and coolest of them all. Bootycall and Virgin have a similar effect but Bootycall is slightly pale yellow while Virgin is almost a pale peachy color.


Sidecar is slightly bronze, Toasted is shiny but less so than Sidecar and YDK. The YDK is a sort of taupe I suppose.


Half Baked is a beautiful color in both palettes, but you have to choose between the Chopper in the Naked 2 and Smog in the Naked original. If I had to choose between Chopper and Smog, I much prefer Smog. Keep in mind though that Chopper is the only bright copper tone in both of the palettes combined.


This is probably the biggest problem that I had. Smog and Darkhorse are both beautiful colors in the Naked original, while Snakebite is in Naked 2. So why didn’t I just go with the Naked original? The Naked 2 palette also has a lovely matte skin color Foxy and the matte solid black that were hard to give up! I feel like all three colors combined would create a lovely brown palette that would serve you well as you could go brighter or darker depending on your mood.


If you’re not too keen on the smokey eye or haven’t managed to make it work for you yet, I don’t think you really need to get the new Naked Smokey palette. The Naked 1 has Gunmetal and Creep, and the Naked 2 has Pistol and Blackout. I’ll probably practice between these colors every blue moon, but to be honest my lids just weren’t made for smokey looks as they don’t have a crease to speak of.

There are some swatches that are missing. These swatches were more for comparing the colors in the two palettes, and to show that some of the colors are quite different. Hustle and Busted I felt were practically the same. The matte colors Naked, Buck, and Tease are clearly different in the Temptalia swatches I mentioned earlier.

#. Naked 1 vs. Naked 2
Some people recommend the Naked 1 for warm-toned people and the Naked 2 for cool-toned people, but I personally think it comes down to whether you prefer Smog(1) vs. Chopper(2), Darkhorse(1) vs. Snakebite(2), Creep(1) vs. Blackout(2). While the matte colors are all very nice, I don’t think that the matte colors would be the deciding factor for choosing one over another because the palette is shimmer-centric and most likely those who are interested are looking to buy the pretty array of shimmers.

Now, if you actually enjoy using eyeshadows, I wouldn’t be surprised if you purchased both as I did. Mainly because the pigmentation of these shadows just blew my mind, and they both had several different colors that complemented each other. This just goes to show that you can’t give a former art major two different palettes with different colors and expect them to choose only one.

#. Would I Repurchase/Recommend?
The only other brand of shadows that I’ll ever buy after these are the Bobbi Brown travel sized matte palette, and the Tom Ford quads. Simply because the Bobbi Brown mattes are beautiful with sleek packaging (their glitter is rubbish), and the Tom Ford shadows are too good to be true (their glitter is perfection). When these Naked palettes run out I will definitely be repurchasing these, and in the mean time I’ll be enthusiastically recommending them to my friends.

Your turn ♥ What is your favorite eyeshadow palette? If you were going to buy a Naked Palette which one would you choose?

*This post was NOT sponsored, though UD is welcome to send me a lifelong supply of Naked Palettes if they wish ;)

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  • Ooo, I love how excited you are! I also have both palettes, but I find that I prefer Naked 1. The colors have just been more flattering for my face. I’ve been interested in their basics palette too, but man I can’t go through all of these shadows. I always feel bad for purchasing more makeup when I have a ton left, haha.

    Sartorial Diner

    • Kim

      I may or may not have been jumping up and down when I spotted UD at the department store lol. I think I will probably gravitate towards the Naked 1 colors, but I’ll probably always reach for the Naked 2 in conjunction to blend the similar colors together. I was interested in their basics palette because their eyeshadow pigmentation is so darn good, but between my Bobby Brown mattes and the mattes in these two palettes I couldn’t justify getting another one :P

  • K.

    I’ve been looking for a good eye shadow palette for some time now and I’ve been thinking of purchasing the Naked 1 palette. You’ve also given me some new selections in regards to Tom Ford and Bobby Brown. Great in depth look at the colors of the palettes as well.

    Kia / KTS

    • Kim

      Ahh, I would consider your preferred looks and how much time you usually spend on eyeshadow then! I started with “Bobbi’s Browns Eye Palette” (sorry I just realized I misspelled the name, oops!), that comes with 3 mattes and 1 shimmer. Perfect for travel, work, school, and very little fuss in the morning. The only problem with getting a palette from Bobbi Brown is that they are always coming out with new variations, so you’ll have to keep an eye out for one that you’ll like. The second Bobbi Brown palette I have is the “Shimmering Sands Eye Palette.” Their shimmers aren’t so bad, but their glitters are just frustrating and not worth the trouble. I won’t be repurchasing their shimmer/glitters because the Naked palette shimmers are just phenomenal.

      The Tom Ford eyeshadows I was initially hesitant because of the price, but Wayne Goss (makeup artist on youtube – youtu.be/GRdnMyLq9wc) explained that compared to buying 4 single shadows of Bobbi Brown it is slightly more affordable (cost & quantity). Of course, if you compare the Tom Ford Palette with the Bobbi Brown palette cost & quantity, the Bobbi Brown is far more affordable. The only reason I picked up a Tom Ford quad was because of the glitter in Golden Mink. To be honest, I wasn’t wowed when I swatched the glitter, it was when I got them tested that I was completely and utterly sold. They call this “Adult Glitter,” and for good reason! It’s so hard to explain, it’s not those chunky bits of glitter that get all over the place and stick like bling on your eyelids. It’s more this subtle wash of tiny glitter that makes you feel like you’re wearing actual diamonds as opposed to cheap jewelry.

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  • I have the Naked 1 palette and I love it! Don’t think I would buy a new palette anytime soon. My sister has the 3 and it’s too pink for me.

    • Kim

      I love the Naked 1 palette too! Admittedly it’s the one I use primarily, but I still dip into some of the colors in Naked 2 from time to time. The 3 is too pink for my taste as well. If only they would let us pick and choose and customize a Naked palette! That would be bomb!!

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