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2018 March Favorites

March was a month full of yummy eats, but it’s more the memories behind the food that seem meaningful to me. People always ask what I’m going to do with all the food photos I take, and to be honest for me it’s mostly for the memories. I do throw them up on instagram every now and then, but I’m not always consistent with my instagram postings. The main thing for me is being able to look back and remember all these wonderful times I’ve shared with family and friends and it’s just a wonderful thing to be able to break bread with those who are close to my heart.

#1. Rosé pasta – Seoga & Cook is usually known for their pork shoulder steak platter, but I tried their new menu rosé pasta with some calligraphy friends and thought it was fantastic! The sauce was delicious and had me eating every last bit by soaking up the sauce with some bread at the end.

#2. Gamja – I went on a picnic with some friends to the Seoul Forest Park and had a lovely time there. My friend brought her dog Gamja (literal translation: potato), and he was such a handsome sweet boy! He had the fluffiest fur and it was fun walking around the park with him that day.

#3. Umbrella & Zipper case – I left my umbrella at school one day and went I went back the next day it was gone. While I was looking for lightweight umbrellas online to replace my lost umbrella, I stumbled upon an umbrella by a company called w.p.c. Their umbrella came with a zipper case that you could put your umbrella inside. I was thrilled because a lot of buildings in Korea these days will have plastic disposable umbrella cases that are used once and thrown away after a single use, and I’ve been trying to avoid using disposable plastic.

#4. Salad Pizza – I have no idea why this dish is called a pizza, but it was more like a salad wrap with lots of cheese. It was a bit too fusion and sweet for my tastes, but I enjoyed it because it was my mom’s suggestion to try it and I got to spend some time with her.

#5. Ice cream & Waffle cone – Usually soft serve comes in one of those wafer cones, but I prefer the crunchy sweet waffle cone. I really need to stop indulging in sweets, but I can’t help myself sometimes!

#6. OPS Caroline cake – Mini cakes made by a pâtissier may seem overpriced with their tiny portions, but if you took one bite of this mascarpone cake you would understand why it’s actually worth it! It’s just a delicious experience where you have a few bites of the most wonderful cake on earth. Let’s be honest, the first few bites of cake are always the best and big portions just leave you feeling gross and guilty anyway!

#7. Pad See Ew – I’ve found that it’s actually really hard to find a Thai place that makes a good Pad See Ew, but I swear Thai Kitchens near Sinnonhyeon station (also not too far from Gangnam station) has nailed it. I’m just sad that I’ve only now discovered them when I only have 3 months left in Korea!

#8. Ally’s Spaghetti – Oh my word, my friend Ally can cook!! She makes a mean spaghetti made with lots of vegetables blended into a rich, thick sauce and tops it off with spiralized zucchini noodles! I brought a baguette from the bakery, Paris Croissant, and we had the best picnic food that person could wish for! Oh, I must also mention the 2nd best Tiramisu that our friend Kira brought for dessert! We thought it was interesting that they decided to name their Tiramisu 2nd best, and how they had cleverly managed to stake out a position among the best Tiramisu’s in Korea.

#9. Kinky Boots Musical – My friend basically reserved these tickets before I even said yes, and I was blown away by the powerful performance of Jae Rim Choi. He basically made the show all it was with his booming voice throughout the entire musical! The storyline was mostly predictable with a few twists thrown in here and there, but what really made this musical memorable for me was Jae Rim Choi dancing in stilettos and mesmerizing everyone with his powerful voice.

Your Turn ♥ Who have you shared meals with recently? How do you like to spend time with your friends?

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