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How To Grow Baby Succulents


Succulents are probably the most easiest plant to grow, as well as being the most interesting to observe over time. Last month I showed you how I made my succulent terrarium, and today I’m bringing you an update on how the succulents are doing as well as some tips for growing baby succulents!



Out of all the plants I’ve seen, succulents seem to be the most determined to stay alive. Even if you cut part of the stem, give it a few weeks and  you’ll find that new baby succulents will have started growing out of the stem. You could leave them to grow as they are, or you have the option to move them to a new pot and have them grow as a baby succulent. I’ve been experimenting with growing new baby succulents with some success, even though I haven’t been fussing over them. All I do is water them once a week, and I don’t find that to be a chore because I can see them sprouting roots and growing larger so it’s a fun process!


Here you can notice that the top part of this succulent has grown with a long stem. I prefer succulents to stay small and short rather than shooting up like beanstalks. So i took some small scissors (like the small ones you use for trimming your eyebrows) and simply cut the top off, stem and all.


I put some leftover succulent potting mix I had leftover from last time into a small decorative jar I had. Then I simply stuck the top of the succulent into the soil. For the succulents that grow with plump petals, I simply let those sit on top of the dirt.  Then I wait a week before I start to give it water.



Now you may be wondering if this actually works. So here is an update on some succulents that I had cut from the stem when I had made the terrarium. They haven’t withered at all and look pretty healthy! I carefully pulled one out to see if it had actually grown some roots, and you can see from the photo that it really has!


For the more roundish petals, you can just pluck them off the stem and lay them on top of the dirt. Over the next few weeks you’ll see roots sprout out, and eventually a new baby succulent will grow at the end of the petal. You can see here that the petals are sort of deflating as the baby succulent grows larger. So if you have a succulent that has grown quite large or looks ugly because it’s sprawling all over the place, you can pluck the petals and grow new baby succulents out of them!


These are some new succulents that I discovered when I made another trip to the flower market. There are so many different types of succulents, and I liked these because they were small and had different colors than the ones I already had.


I basically pulled them out of the black plastic pot they came in, and put them directly into my terrarium. They haven’t grown in a very pretty shape, but I haven’t grown this kind before so I think I’ll wait until they grow a little bigger before I decide to grow some baby succulents out of them! Besides, I’m growing so many baby succulents right now that I don’t have anymore room in this terrarium to grow any more. It’s so fun to see them sprout and grow, even though I’m only watering them once a week. I think growing succulents give a small but nice boost to happiness and adds a touch of green to my room. It’s nice to have some plants growing in my room. Right now the terrarium looks a little messy with succulents everywhere and the small pebbles scattered about. I’m thinking about maybe moving all the pebbles to one side, but I’m not sure if they actually have an important role such as providing minerals. They were part of the soil mix, so maybe I should leave them alone. I can’t wait to see how the terrarium and jar will look once the succulents have grown to a larger size.

Your Turn ♥ What kind of plants do you have growing in your room?

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