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Canon IXUS

When cameras used to use film, you were unable to delete any photos while you were in the middle of a roll of film. This project required you to take 360 photos without deleting any photos during the process. The challenge was to take 360 photos that portrayed a cycle.

I developed a concept of a color cycle and planned how many photos of which color to complete this look. I started with 2 lines of red, 3 lines of orange, 3 lines of yellow and so on. It ends with one line of red to complete a cycle. The format was ten 8×10 contact sheets with 36 images per page. This means I had 6 columns and 6 rows of thumbnails on each page.

It was a greater challenge to find objects that were a specific color than I had expected. If I had been able to delete photos or take the photos in any order and post-arrange them on the contact sheets, it wouldn’t have been anywhere near as difficult. The project put photography in a very different perspective. I had taken photos with a film camera when I was younger, but hadn’t used one since the rise of digital cameras. This project showed me that deadlines and restrictions can push you to find creative solutions and at times lead you to create meaningful pieces of art.

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