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August Favorites 2016


The heat wave in August was unreal. The only way I managed to survive this brutal summer was by leaving home early in the morning to get to a place with air conditioning! My August favorites show a pretty good representation of what I did this summer: eat and wander. Best way to spend the summer before school starts right?

#1. Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art – I’m not quite sure why I never went to the Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art in all the years I’ve lived in Korea. I was quite impressed by the interior space and items they had on exhibit. They had a separate wing for traditional artifacts and another wing for modern art. If you ever decide to visit Korea and would like to go to a museum, but not spend hours and hours looking at nothing but ancient artifacts, then the Leeum museum would be the perfect place to go. It’s not far from the Hangangjin subway station, and once you’re done you can hop back on the subway or catch a cab to Itaewon where there are lots of places to eat (See #2 and #3)!

#2. Border Bowl – If you like Mexican food and cocktails, On The Border is the place to go. They have locations in Itaewon, Yeouido and the Coex here in Korea, and I have nothing but good things to say about their Shrimp Border Bowl!

#3. Bacon Jalepeno Mac’n’Cheese Balls – Oh my goodness if you like a good barbeque than you must go to Linus’ Barbeque in Itaewon. Not only was the pulled pork platter a delicious meal, their Mac’n’cheese balls were simply fantastic. Basically you get a fried ball full of macaroni and cheese, but it get’s better. They give you a spaghetti sauce dip on the side that you get to roll the mac ball in, so when you eat it you get both the yummy flavors of something fried, something cheesy, and that wonderful wonderful flavor of spaghetti sauce (I suppose I’m biased seeing as I love spaghetti).

 #4. Air Conditioning – During the entire month of August my room did not drop below 30°C (86°F). My room is farthest from the living room where the AC is, so even though the living room was nice and cool my room was literally a sauna. So I spent quite a few days at a cafe near home to practice my calligraphy.

#5. Yeon Nam Dong (long o sound)- My friend introduced me to this pretty neighborhood right next to Hongdae, and I couldn’t believe I had never heard of this area before! It’s a pretty neighborhood with lots of cafes and restaurants, but more importantly there is a long stream and grassy areas to picnic at! I loved the carefree vibe this place had which is such a contrast from the loud and busy Hongdae that is right next door. If you decide to check out Hongdae while you visit Korea, but would like to take a break from all the bustle I’d recommend heading over to Yeon Nam Dong!

#6. Poutine – Have you ever had french fries with gravy? I’m a sucker for gravy so when I heard that gravy over fries were a thing, I was completely on board! My lovely Canadian friend introduced me to this treat of a dish and I have a feeling that I’ll be craving it again in the future!

Your Turn ♥ What are your August favorites?

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