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#1. Loved the decor at a Mexican place called ‘On the Border’ in Itaewon in Seoul. Really colorful and much more interesting than a plain wall!


The food was really good as well. I had enchiladas with pepper jack chicken and it was divine! The chicken wasn’t dry in the least bit! It was juicy and has me mouth-watering as I write this post. Will definitely be going there again.


#2. Spinach pie at Santorini, a Greek restaurant also in Itaewon. I was there with some friends on Valentine’s day, and have to say that the spinach pie wasn’t all too special.



The gyros was pretty good, but I think I prefer gyros already wrapped in pita bread. They did serve it with pita bread but the size was small and there were only two pieces so it didn’t last very long! The downside was that they didn’t offer gyros with lamb, which I found rather odd for a Greek restaurant.


One of my friends had a chicken souvlaki which looked pretty good! It sort of looks like kebab but apparently the seasoning is different. I think it’d be nice if I could try them side by side to compare the taste. Perhaps at a street fair? Come to think of it, I have no idea if they do street fairs in Korea like they do in the states. Hmm… something to look into!


#3. Dessert at a pie cafe called Tartine! Originally we were going to go to a chocolate cafe as it was Valentine’s day, but who can resist a fruit pie?! This was my first time trying rhubarb, but it wasn’t purely rhubarb in the pie. It was a strawberry rhubarb pie and it tasted something like sour strawberry pie. I’ll have to try something that’s just rhubarb so I can figure out what rhubarb tastes like. It was pretty good though!


Wildberry pie in the front and crack pie in the back. I’d never heard of crack pie before, but it was a butterscotch pie. It was pretty good but I think I liked the fruit pies better. I tend to like moist foods in general though, so it’s not that the crack pie was bad. I’m sure this is the only type of ‘crack’ I’ll ever try. On a side note, my food photography skills are clearly lacking, and I had a painful time adjusting the photos that were taken under a yellow hue light in a dark setting. I am sort of wanting to try something like the expodisc filter, but we’ll see.

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