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#1. I confess: I was lazy and didn’t go to the gym today. Still, I had a moment of redemption with the 30 Day Fitness app. I did 20 tricep dips, a 60 second plank, a 100 second wall sit, and 9 push ups. The tricep dips were ok, but the 60 second plank was brutal! My entire body was shaking and I basically collapsed onto my yoga mat when I finished. I decided I needed some distraction other than the countdown on the app if I wanted to make it through 100 seconds of wall sit so I turned to youtube! There are so many fun vlogs on youtube these days and I’ve currently been enjoying Jenn’s clothesencounters. I think Jenn has a gorgeous smile and fun personality so I actually did my wall sit longer than 100 seconds! Push ups have always been a challenge for me. 3 years ago, I could barely manage 10 push ups on me knees. Today I did 9 push ups on my toes, but to be honest they weren’t very good ones. I still lack the strength to keep my body in a line while doing push ups on my toes. I’m pretty sure my tummy was slouching towards the ground before my upper body so I still have to build some strength.

#2. Kip was due for a bath so after his walk I lathered him down with an oatmeal shampoo. Kip always gets the zoomies after a bath and it’s a bit funny seeing him go bonkers! Unfortunately, I’m an apartment dweller so I can’t let Kip run about too much inside the house. Also, because we don’t have carpeted floors it can be dangerous if Kip runs while he’s dripping wet because he can skid, slip, and fall. So today I took Kip into my room and distracted him with a biscuit. It took a few freebie bites for him to calm down and get interested, but once I got his attention he patiently sat, laid down, and rolled on to his side.

#3. Yesterday, I went to the Pompeii exhibit at the National Museum of Korea. This was my second time visiting the National Museum of Korea, the first time being the Musee d’Orsay exhibit last year in the summer. I feel like I should visit again sometime soon to actually take a look through their normal (?) exhibits. You would think that when one visits the National Museum of a country you would have seen the exhibits related to that country, but no, I’ve only seen the special exhibits that have come from France and Italy! Anyway, I have been doing a great bit of thinking about Pompeii and the events of the volcanic explosion. I can’t get the image of the casts made of the people and animals that died in Pompeii out of my mind. I’d seen them in documentaries before, but it was just so much more shocking seeing them in person. Fear is not strong enough a word. It was utter terror expressed in the bodies as they experienced what probably felt to them like the end of the world. It makes me think about how thankful I am that I wasn’t living in Pompeii at the time, but also makes me think about how futile life can be. It can all be over in a matter of seconds. So this post is a small beginning effort to collect small moments in my life. Otherwise, all my yesterdays just disappear into the dark hole memory of mine and I’m left wondering if I’m leading a meaningful life.

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