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Friday Blogstorm Session!


I like to write my blog posts ahead of time so I’m not scrambling for ideas and staring at a blank page during the week. So today I thought we could do a Friday Blogstorm together! What better way to get ready for a fresh new week of posts than by doing some blogstorming?


You can download this worksheet for free here! All you have to do is print it out and grab  your favorite pen and start writing. If you need some music to get things rolling, Ellie has a wonderful playlist here. I especially liked Un Homme et Une Femme by Annie Trousseau.

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  • Hick! I did not expect to see my playlist here! Thank you so much for enjoying it :D
    A little bit embarrassing confession, I don’t have a printer but I really wish to participate!
    Well then, I guess a trip to PC bang is confirmed :d

    • Kim

      Your playlist was lovely! I would recommend the library girl ;)
      Those PC bangs are always full of smoke! Even with the “separate” smoking section.

  • Thanks for sharing this, Kim! It’s definitely helpful to be able to sit down for a chunk of time to brainstorm, and think about what’s been inspiring lately. Such a cute print out!

    • Kim

      Thanks Kathryn! I think it really helps you to look back at all the inspirational things around you too! When I’m stuck in a rut I tend to forget about the small things that have brought me joy, so this is a nice way to refocus ;)

  • Thanks for sharing hun it’s always great to have a list of ideas for those days when inspiration doesn’t strike! Enjoy your weekend :)

    Rachel xx

  • This is amazing! I am actually really really bad at planning posts. So this is a great idea for planning posts and just thinking about inspiration – we all need to refocus sometimes as bloggers. I also LOVE that you included Alyse’s portfolio as an inspiration and I spy my blog post title too! This makes me so happy!!! Yayyyy, thanks Kim! I’m glad that people like my random posts :) x

  • I’m impressed you plan your blog schedule in advance, I tend to forever be playing catch-up haha! I clearly need to take a leaf out of your book and get a little more organised :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  • This is such a great idea! I’m horrible when it comes to blog planning so I’ll definitely be making use of these prompts :)

  • This is a good idea! I’m going to start trying to write more posts other than just posting my outfits. I should set aside some time to blogstorm. Thanks for the sheet, I will check it out! By the way you have really cute handwriting!

    xx freshfizzle