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Happy Birthday Little Kip


Today is a very special day for a very special pup! Can you guess who?  It’s little Kip’s very first birthday today! He was born January 11, 2011 with one brother and 5 sisters.



Kip thought it would be fun to jump up and catch the banners, but he let me finish putting them up nice and pretty.



Kip was 7 lbs when we got him at 4 months, as of today he is 15 lbs!  He has grown quite a bit.  A collar that used to hang from his neck down to his feet fits him perfectly now.



Kip got his own Peanut Butter Kibble Cake. It was technically just Kibble grinded, mixed, and frozen with Peanut Butter but Kip seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. For his birthday Kip got a Bumi Zogoflex, a Skineeez flying bat,  and a premium quality Antler dog bone.


Happy Birthday Kip-kip!  We love you very very much ♥



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  • Happy Birthday KIP!
    Welcome to Terrible TWO!!
    Hahaha ~

  • Happy Belated Birthday Kip! Sorry we’re late on the Birthday Wishes, Mom our typist has been busy. Your cake look delish!!

    P.S. You almost weigh as much as me (yuki) I weigh 17 lbs. Last time Rocket was weighed he weighed 20lbs.

    Yuki and Rocket

  • A very belated Happy Barkday to you, Kip! Hope you enjoyed the celebration and the cake. Here’s wishing you many more years of cuddles, treats, and romps in the park :)

  • Caryl, Shadow & Trooper

    Hi, Kim and Kip. Happy late birthday. I just found your blog and have enjoyed reading it! We have a 6 1/2 yr old female, Shadow and a 3 1/2 yr old male, Trooper. We used to live in Kirkland, WA, but moved down to Arizona when We retired in 2004. My last dog was a Basenji, Riki. She hated the rain, but had a dog door and was a perfect lady in the house…all except for toilet paper, paper towels and paper napkins. We went for nearly 15 years with the toilet paper on the toilet tank. Once in awhile some helpful visitor would put it on the holder and we would find out when she went racing through the house with it trailing behind her! I bought both of my Aussies from breeders here in Arizona. The female was being shown when the breeder found out she had allergies (first dog in 25 years of breeding) and decided to take her out of her breeding/showing line. I have learned to give her antigen shots in the skin over her shoulders once a month. She is a “princess” and is sort of anxious most of the time. I’ve been thinking of trying one of the herb collars that is supposed to relax the wearer. I thought she would like a friend, so a year and a half after we got Shadow, I found someone with a litter in southern Arizona. She had one male left (5 months old) so we drove down to see him, although I was pretty sure once I saw him I would be leaving with him. I named him Trooper and he was and is a “boy”. We have a pool in our backyard with a rock waterfall, as well as other large rocks in the yard. He wasn’t in the yard more than 10 minutes when he was climbing all over the waterfall and up on the other rocks! Shadow wouldn’t dream of doing that. They both do the doggy yoga when they get up (Kip’s pictures are so cute!). They also lay down with their legs stretched out behind. Since I’ve gotten them, I’ve learned more about Aussies from books and on the internet. There is an Australian Terrier Club of America. It has a rescue branch as well as a list of members with puppies or adult dogs for sale. Not all breeders are members of this organization, as they must agree to abide by the organizations rules and not all breeders choose to do that. When I first got Shadow, I started her in a clicker training class. Although I was skeptical at first, I am now a convert. She learned so quickly and her eyes absolutely shine when I get out the clicker and treats. I have trained them both with clicker training and think it is the best! Of course, they are totally food motivated, so that part was easy. Trooper walks perfectly by my side through complicated maneuvers, but on our walks, (we live in a desert area) he lunges at every desert cottontail bunny, coyote, bobcat, deer, etc. He doesn’t seem to realize he is only 17 lbs! We jokingly call them snack-on-a-leash. Even the hawks sit up on the power poles and watch us go by on our walks. He sounds so brave, but we just bought ourselves a telescope for Christmas and it makes beeping noises when we are doing the alignment, etc. that scare him. H goes in the back hall or office and lays down to get away from it. We have now figured out how to silence the beeping and last night he seemed more at ease. I’ve been giving him treats when I bring him out to show him that good things happen to him around the telescope. Maybe some day he’ll actually come out on him own around it!
    Sorry this got so long. I’ll keep reading your blog. If you are on Facebook, so are we with some good pics. I’ll send you a separate contact with my facebook name.

    • Kim

      Hello and welcome!
      It’s such a pleasant surprise to talk to another Aussie owner.
      Talk about living in the extremes! How did you adjust from the constant raining weather to no rain at all? I’m curious to know what books you’ve found on Australian Terriers. I just recently started clicker training with Kip and I’m never going to go back to the traditional method. It’s really interesting to hear about your encounters in the desert, and I’d love to see your pictures of Shadow and Trooper!

      • Caryl, Shadow & Trooper

        It is quite an adjustment, but the weather is so beautiful from about October through April or May, that it makes up for the hot hot hot weather of June through September. We came back to the NW at the end of September for about a month to visit friends and family and except for the first week or so, when your weather was pretty warm, we were always cold! It’s a good chance to wear long sleeves and long pants. I have red and black plaid fleece sweaters for the “kids” so they don’t get too cold. We camped East of the mountains near Cle Elum for a couple of weeks in our tent trailer. It was Trooper’s first experience with squirrels. Too funny! They would run up the big trees in the campground and it took him a day or so to figure out where they went! We don’t have anything that big unless we go up North on the Mogollon plateau, where Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon are.
        The books I have are Australian Terrier, A Complete and Reliable Handbook, by Nell Fox (she introduced the breed from Australia); Australian Terrier, A Kennel Club Book by Muriel P Lee; and How to Raise and Train an Australian Terrier by N N Fox. I think all of these are available on Amazon.
        I think Kip is adorable and you are doing a great job!