6 In Dog

Happy Birthday Little Kip


Today is a very special day for a very special pup! Can you guess who?  It’s little Kip’s very first birthday today! He was born January 11, 2011 with one brother and 5 sisters.



Kip thought it would be fun to jump up and catch the banners, but he let me finish putting them up nice and pretty.



Kip was 7 lbs when we got him at 4 months, as of today he is 15 lbs!  He has grown quite a bit.  A collar that used to hang from his neck down to his feet fits him perfectly now.



Kip got his own Peanut Butter Kibble Cake. It was technically just Kibble grinded, mixed, and frozen with Peanut Butter but Kip seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. For his birthday Kip got a Bumi Zogoflex, a Skineeez flying bat,  and a premium quality Antler dog bone.


Happy Birthday Kip-kip!  We love you very very much ♥



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