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How to play fetch the Kip way


I should probably name this: How Kip trained me  part.1


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  • the sketch is soooooooooooooo CUTE!!!
    How did you do that, freehand drawing???
    So creative, keke~

    Haha TOto same same!
    He will always drop the toy at least a few steps away! He wouldn’t allow you to sit there or just stand there to play with him! He make sure you ‘MOVE’ too! But he wouldn’t pick it up after he drop that!

    Haha I am guessing, he make you play CATCH after FETCH??
    So clever …

    • Kim

      I used my mouse and sketched them in Photoshop.
      I’m glad you like them! It was really hard to draw something that resembled Kip since he has a “mane” that’s scruffy.

      Yes he does make me play catch after fetch! He loves playing catch and probably wonders why in the world i want to play fetch when catch is so much better. lol

  • haha this is exactly what yuki does too! it’s because she just wants me to chase her, maybe it’s the same reason kip does it as well. :)

    • Kim

      it probably is because he tries to lure me into going after him. I inch forward, he takes a step back. craftly little dogs lol

  • Haha! And that would be why my mom steps on it first. >_>

    • Kim

      Oh, but then it becomes a delightful game of tug-of-war that Kip absolutely loves:P

  • Caryl, Shadow & Trooper

    Very cute! If I play fetch with mine, I use two balls. When they bring back one, I show them the new one and they drop the old one. I also have them sit before I’ll throw it. I haven’t played fetch for a while because with two, I have to send one down the hall and the other out into the living room so they don’t get into an argument that escalates into a fight! Yes, I have to have four balls to play this game. Trooper loves the chase, Shadow not so much.

    • Kim

      Hmm I guess it depends on the personality of each individual dog on whether they are more prone to chasing then others. When I try using two squirrels (I have to roll balls because I live in an apartment) to throw, sometimes Kip will drop the one he has, but sometimes it won’t.