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How to find the motivation to exercise


You’ve fallen off the bandwagon or you’re hanging on by a thread. Sound familiar? Last year I was working out everyday, but once the holidays started my workouts have dwindled to a couple of times a week. After reading an inspirational post by Becky over at Star Violet I decided it was time to get back in shape! The hardest part is to drag myself away from the computer and start working out. Once I start working out I’m more likely to chug through it as my body starts to produce endorphins. So how do you find the motivation to begin your workout?

#. Social Media
If you’re procrastinating by looking through social media, don’t start looking through the foodie feeds. Search using hashtags like #fitness or #fitspo (fitness + inspiration) instead. Pinterest is chock full of fitness inspiration and free workouts too!

#. Open A Window
Getting some fresh air will lift your spirits and help you feel more motivated too, so if you can’t muster the energy to go for a walk outside take some baby steps and open a window!

#. Do Something Everyday
It’s easier to continue exercise if you do it everyday. Once you let yourself get away with one excuse, all the other excuses come flooding in. So if you’re tired from a long day at work, try a relaxing bedtime yoga sequence. If you have indigestion try yoga for digestion. If it’s the weekend and you’re meeting a friend, stay active and explore a new place rather than sitting at a cafe all day. Or get up a little earlier and do your workout before you hop in the shower! The key is to do something so that tomorrow you won’t be saying, well I skipped yesterday so I might as well skip today too. It’s easier to catch yourself from falling than having to rebuild from the ground up.

#. Set Up A Home Gym
It’s great if you like going to the gym or outdoor sports, but there will inevitably be days where the rain is pounding down or its freezing outside by double digits. If you’re already struggling to find the motivation to work out to begin with, a cloudy rainy day can suck the life out of you and make it 10 times harder to leave the house. So it’s a good idea to set up your own little gym at home. I keep my yoga mat spread out on the floor in my room at all times, so I’m much more likely to get down on my mat than I would be if it were rolled up and placed in a corner behind the door.

#. Put On Your Workout Clothes
If you can’t muster any enthusiasm to workout, at least put on your workout clothes. Put on your workout clothes, give yourself a pat on the back for getting it done, then take it all off. Call me crazy, but it works. I’ve totally muttered to myself, might as well do something now that I’ve bothered to put my workout clothes on.

Your turn ♥ What are your tips for getting of the couch and starting your workout?

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