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Essentials For Writing At A Cafe


Whether you’re brainstorming for a blog post, or writing a paper for school it’s always nice to cozy up at a cafe to get some work done! Personally, I’ve never managed to get any studying done at the library. I always feel self-conscious when I’m pulling out a chair because the noise it makes seems to disturb everyone in the room. So I prefer getting my writing done at a cafe where I usually don’t have much trouble zoning out from all the chatter. Plus if you get stuck while you’re writing, a cafe is the perfect place to people watch until inspiration hits. So I thought I’d share some of my essentials for writing at a cafe.

#. Notebook & Pen – Typing can be faster, but there’s something about the physical act of putting pen to paper that makes the words flow. I like being able to scrawl my thoughts over the lines and quickly scratch things out instead of hitting a delete button. It’s messy, illegible, but I love the feeling of writing with a pen. Throughout high school and college I always used the HI-TEC-C 0.4, but for the past 3 years I’ve converted to the uni STYLE FIT 0.28 pen. If you drop a HI-TEC-C there’s a chance that you’ll ruin the tip of the pen, but I’ve not had that problem yet with the uni STYLE FIT. The uni STYLE FIT writes like an ink pen but it has that clicky thingee at one end so you don’t have to fuss with lids. For paper I avoid spring-bound notebooks as they bother my wrist when the spring is on the right side of the paper.

#. Earphones – If you have loud people sitting next to you, earphones can be a saving grace. They also come in handy if you feel like listening to a podcast or audiobook. Pro tip: if you wear a hoodie over your earphones it blocks out more sound even if they’re not sound cancelling headphones!

#. Cardigan – In the summer they blast the A/C too high, and in the winter sometimes they switch the heat off for a while. Never hurts to have a cardigan on hand.

#. iPad/laptop – I personally avoid lugging anything heavy around so my iPad mini serves me well. It holds my kindle books, my audiobooks, and is useful for searching the web or browsing through Pinterest when I’m looking for inspiration.

#. Charger – Is it just me or do iPhones just have inanely short battery life? Even when my phone is fully charged, I like to bring my charger just in case. If I decide to watch a YouTube video or browse through Instagram, the battery just goes. I should probably pick up a phone battery, but I haven’t found one light enough for my liking yet.

Your turn ♥ What are your essentials when you’re writing or studying at a cafe?

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