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How To Keep Your Lips Hydrated


All my life I have been battling dry lips and for the longest time I’ve been trying to find the best lip balm that would cure them. There are many others that I have tried that aren’t pictured in this photo, but these are a handful of the ones that I am using right now. Why on earth do I have so many? Because I’ve come to the conclusion that no lip balm can magically keep my lips moisturized for 24 hours. If you think about it, when you breathe out through your mouth you’re practically blow drying your lips throughout the whole day. So I’ve changed my strategy for the better. I use a lip conditioner every morning and evening when I’m at home, and keep a lip balm in every bag I have so that I’m never without it. That way if I feel like my lips are starting to get dry, I can immediately re-apply lip balm and keep them from getting dry. It took me a few months to get into the habit of always using lip balm, even though I always kept one in my bag. I tend to get very absorbed into whatever I’m doing and whoever I’m talking with so lip balm is usually the farthest thing from my mind. However, once I started using lipstick and lip-tints I really wanted my lips to be moisturized and smooth, so I had the extra motivation to stay conscious of my lips throughout the day.


The first lip conditioner I tried was actually the Depsea Hydrability Moisturizing Lip Balm by Shu uemura, but to be honest I haven’t been too keen on Japanese make up products since the tsunami. These days I’ve been alternating between three different lip conditioners. The one called Lano Soft I haven’t been able to find again, but the lip conditioner by MAC and the Rosebud Salve by Smith’s are both easy to find. I have found that both the MAC and the Smith’s work equally well, but I personally prefer the MAC because of the vanilla scent. If you love the smell of roses you’ll love the salve by Smith’s. After I take a shower in the morning, the first thing I’ll do after popping in my contacts is apply lip conditioner. This way, they don’t dry out while I get through the rest of my make up routine as I tend to do my lips last. I’ll also apply it first thing when I’m doing my night routine so my lips don’t dry out completely over night.

Your Turn ♥ How do you care for your lips?

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  • Rosebud Salve is a fail safe lip conditioner. I find that petrolatum based products are much better at hydrating than balms in a stick. I also like the Tokyomilk lip balms that come in a pot. They’re definitely thinner, but work pretty well and feel really luxurious.

    Alyse (J.X.L.) | Lumière & Lens

    • Kim

      Yes I definitely feel like the lip conditioners are much more hydrating than lip balms. It’s nice to have the convenience of a lip balm when you’re on the go though:D

  • I love many of the products mentioned. Burt’s Bee’s products is something I always go back to as it is a classic favourite of mine

    Kathy x


    • Kim

      Which Burt’s Bee’s lip balm do you like the best Kathy? I haven’t tried all of their lip balms yet but it’s always fun to see the different kinds they have!

  • Yeah, I have much better luck when I apply lip products periodically. I’ve given up on something that will moisturize my lips for 24 hours! I have the Smith’s salve in a pot, but haven’t tried it in the tube form. It does seem like it would make it easier to apply. My two favorite lip moisturizers at the moment are Kiehl’s #1 lip balm and Nuxe’s reve de miel :) Both do an excellent job at moisturizing!

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

    • Kim

      I actually haven’t tried Smith’s salve in the pot yet, but I just might as the tin is so pretty! I haven’t tried anything from Nuxe yet, but I’ll have to give it a try next time!

  • I’m similarly obsessed with keeping my lip moisturized as well. Besides applying lip balms, I find that drinking enough water and also doing a daily lip scrub really contributes to that. One of my go to lip balms is Kiehls No. 1. I’ve been using it for years and it’s particularly effective for overnight. I was obsessed with the Tony Moly Prestige Snail Lip Treatment for awhile but I can’t seem to find it anymore.

    • Kim

      Which lip scrub do you use Rowena? I’ve tried the one by Lush but I’ve found it to be a bit harsh on my lips. I might need to find one that’s a bit more gentle!