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3 Tips for using Air Cushion Compacts


It’s no secret that air cushions are a staple of Korean women everywhere. Even those who use regular foundations at home will stick an air cushion in their makeup pouch for touch ups. Are they worth the hype? I’m certainly on board. I love that I don’t have to get foundation on my hands and that it’s so easy to keep light or build up. It saves a massive amount of time in the morning because I don’t have to worry about applying an even layer to my face. It is hands down the easiest way to apply foundation, period. So here are some of my best tips for using air cushion compacts!

#1. Choosing A Brand – While the original air cushion was made by IOPE, the one that took first place on the Korean makeup show Get It Beauty was the UV Mist Cushion by Hera. I’ve tried both and prefer the one by Hera because it is a better color match for me, and because they have one in an anti-aging formula. Keep in mind though, every Korean makeup brand has pretty much come out with their own version of the air cushion so there are plenty to choose from.

#2. Extra Puffs – The biggest tip that you should walk away is to buy extra puffs when you’re buying an air cushion. I would say that you would want to get at least 2 extra puffs. This way you can switch out the puff when you’re half way through the air cushion, and switch out the puff again when you’re halfway through the refill (note: both the IOPE & Hera came with an extra refill. Not sure if all brands do). This will keep things clean and lower the chance of contamination and breakouts.

#3. Flip It Around & Upside Down – To get the most of the air cushion, you want to make sure you use it up completely before exchanging the cushion with the refill. I noticed that when I was pressing the puff into the air cushion, the pressure was applying to the top half of the sponge inside the compact. So even when the top half was running out, the bottom half still had plenty of foundation inside. So after washing my hands, I rotated the cushion upside down and it worked like new! Once that starts running out, pull the sponge out and flip it upside down. The bottom of the sponge should still be soaked with foundation! This trick should save you the cost of an extra refill and from throwing out a perfectly use-able compact.

Your turn ♥ Have you tried air cushion compacts before?

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  • I’ve never tried air cushion compacts before, but they seem pretty fabulous! Any product that saves time in the morning is something I can get behind, haha :)

    • Kim

      They do save a good bit of time compared to using a liquid foundation with a brush/sponge/finger(s). Enough to convert ;)

  • I’ve been wanting try air cushion compacts for so long. But i can’t decide which brand to go for. Thanks for sharing :)

    • Kim

      Iope and Hera are the best known but there are so many others that people use too. I would say as long as you get one that matches your skintone you’ll be off to a good start ;)

  • Oh good tips, especially #3!

    • Kim

      Yes #3 comes in pretty handy ;)

  • Here here, I am a cushion lover!
    Love it once being on board, I love the light feeing it gives and of course saving my time!!!! I am using innisfree and ready to use my #2 compact.
    I didn’t know it at first and was amazed the air cushion could be flip it around, and bewilder there’s a whole lot of foundation hidden back there!

    x Tiff

    • Kim

      Yes! I remember how I threw out my first cushion without knowing I could flip it around. It makes me a little sad that I wasted all that foundation :O

  • I just got my first cushion foundation and I love the ease of use. As for keeping the cushion clean, I have a bottle of 91% isopropyl alcohol that I use to saturate the cushion before squeezing and wiped it down. I do this a few times because my cushion foundation didn’t come with a replacement pad. :x

    • Kim

      Ahh that’s probably a more environment friendly method than using extras ;) Great tip Alyse :D