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Italy: Venice, city of water


Venice, the city afloat on water. Dream destination of artists and photographers alike. I sometimes wonder if I actually had been to Venice because it is so unlike any other city that I have ever seen before. After all, there are not many cities that have channels of water instead of asphalt paved roads. My time in Venice was short; too short as I was there for less than half a day. Half a day is clearly not enough time to enjoy Venice and all the secrets it holds.



There are two ways to get about in Venice. The first way is to take a boat. They have the ever so popular gondolas, and they have water buses. These buses are probably the coolest bus topping even the double-decker of London. You hop on a boat and get off at your destination. A boat!! Riding a water bus in Venice is an experience that will wake your inner 5 year old. After all, unless you are a fisherman or own a yacht it’s not everyday you get to ride a boat. It will also make you want to cry because you will end up with more blurry photos than ones in focus. Think about it; on a boat that is rising up and down in the water and continuously moving forward. How on earth is anyone supposed to get a shot with all that movement? No traffic light nonsense in Venice so the buildings will fly by. It is probably a more practical choice to take videos, but of course, stubborn people like me prefer to edit and upload photos rather than videos.



I wonder what it would be like to be a local of Venice. I’m sure there would be frustrations due to all the tourists, but it would probably be an interesting life as the place is chock full of beautiful buildings that all seem to have a story. It must be nice to sit on a terrace and hear the sound of water day and night. I’d probably feel a little nervous having too much to drink in Venice though. What would happen if you were drunk and fell into the water at night? Hmm……..



I think I actually had a drink that was mixed in with the coffee that I ordered, but I can’t be all too sure as I couldn’t read the menu to save my life. I also couldn’t read the map to save my life either once I got into the alleyways. Believe me, it is impossible not to get lost in Venice. It is, in my humble opinion, the best place to wander around so long as you have time and lodging within the island. In the case you are short on time, asking for directions is not hard at all. You simply walk into a shop and point at your destination on a map. Make sure you have a terribly lost expression on your face and they will be happy to direct you in the right direction.

Your turn ♥ Have you ever thought about what it would be like to live in Venice?

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