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It’s A New Year!


The new year is here and we have a fresh new canvas to fill up!

#. Infinity Pool: I’m setting the bar high this year. Infinity pool photos are seemingly everywhere and I’m determined to workout till summer and take a dip in one!

#. Splits: For the past couple of weeks I’ve been doing split stretches against the wall. Of course I’m closer to 90 degrees than I am to 180, but I figure I should get there in a year right?!

#. Travel Log: Can there be a slower travel log? I still need to write about my adventures in Venice and Rome but I seem to have gotten stuck at Switzerland. I believe I’ll do one last post to wrap up Switzerland and move on to Venice before I forget everything that happened.

#. Film Reviews: I probably watched over 50 films last year, but only posted a grand total of two reviews. This year I want to post at least 10 reviews, especially for the ones that are my all time favorites.

#. Read 5 Classic Books: Before I started taking literature classes in grad school, I had no interest in readings classics. They seemed to be long and boring and wasn’t there a movie? After having to read them for the sake of class participation and writing papers, I found that there were a lot of interesting themes to think about within the books. This year I won’t be taking any more literature classes, but I’d like to continue reading more classics.

Your turn ♥ What are some of your goals for the new year?

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