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I’m always curious what people have in their make up bags or on their vanity, so I love seeing blog posts and vlogs on makeup collections. This is my first time ever revealing my makeup collection so I’m a little nervous, but what better way to get to know a friend than to rummage through their makeup right? I would venture to say that for someone who is interested in makeup, my collection is somewhat tame. You won’t be able to ooh and ahh over hundreds of lip colors I’m afraid!


This is my small collection of Starbucks city mugs. Because I used to live in Seattle I naturally have the mug from the first Starbucks store located at Pike Place Market. I picked up the London and Paris mug during my trip to Europe, but didn’t see a single Starbucks while I was in Switzerland and Italy. Anyway, the come in handy for storing things and reminding me of all the good times! Starting from the left I have my sunscreen, primer, and toner in the London cup. The Pike Place Market cup holds cotton rounds, and the Paris cup holds my old makeup brushes, mini brow razors, an eyebrow pencil, and a few lip liners. The white cup holds my Tom Ford brush collection that I started last year to celebrate my 29th birthday. I’m personally not looking forward to my 30th birthday this year, so I decided to do something special to commemorate my last birthday of my 20s. So the brushes are a piece of my 20s that will last me a lifetime.


The clear tray I got from Daiso for $2. Unfortunately the only lipstick holder they had was in the shape of a heart so for now my lipsticks and chapsticks are all sitting in the back two compartments of this tray. In the front I have two samples of the Laura Mercier radiance foundation primer. I’d actually wanted a full size but the woman at the counter adamantly against the radiance primer saying it clogged pores. So I came home with the regular foundation primer with SPF 30 and two 15 ml samples of the radiance primer. I’m somewhat indifferent of the regular primer, but use it as an extra sunscreen in addition to my regular sunscreen (different companies have different sunscreen formulas). It worked out in the end because I’m happy with the radiance primer samples because I can use them as a highlighter of sorts. Then of course I have the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer and my first aid kit for trouble spots.

I have a body butter from the Body Shop that I got during the Christmas season of 2014, and I’m not even halfway through. I really need to be more diligent about moisturizing my body, but I always seem to forget. The q-tips are from Innisfree, and I like that it comes in a container with a small opening. The lid keeps the rest of the q-tips from getting dusty. In the white tray in the back, I have the Bobbi Brown brush cleaning spray, an argan oil by Nature Republic (I have one by Tonymoly in my bathroom that I prefer because it smells like juniper), the Estee Lauder brown bottle that was a gift, deodorant, a biotin hair lotion, and a BHA chemical exfoliant gel.


These acrylic storage drawers are by Muji and are the only reason I can have space on my vanity table. I’m using an old kitchen table with no drawers, so I can’t live without these Muji organizers. In the drawers to the left are my Naked palettes, a Tom Ford eyeshadow quad, a Lancome voyage palette which was a gift, a regular powder by Lancome, and my Bobbi Brown eyeshadow palettes. I used to have a handful of single shadows by MAC but threw them all out after years of unuse. Once I started using palettes I never looked back. Single shadows are expensive to collect and are a storage nightmare. I popped open the top lid of the Muji drawers because I found that when I set something on top of it, the lid sank down and made it difficult to open the first drawer. It holds some falsies, the Loreal Youth Code eyecream, the Innisfree no sebum powder, the Too Cool For School blotting paper & eye make up remover, and the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. The smaller drawers hold the translucent powder by Make Up Forever and NARS, NARS blushes & highlighters, Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powder, and the Hera air cushion. Oh, and I keep my mirror on top of a Canon lens box because it’s a bit short!


The tray on top is another $2 goodie from Daiso. It holds my hand creams, too many mascaras, Clio eyebrow marker, Aveda eye cream, serums, eyebrow stencils, and eyeliners.


This small container fits inside the tray and is perfect from storing things that are a tad short. It holds a retractable MAC lip brush, mini scissors, and the NARS line & pore perfector. The container was actually a lid for the NARS toner (which I didn’t care for), but it worked out perfectly as a booster seat for my odd ends.

Your turn ♥ How do you organize your makeup collection? Share a link to a photo or blog/vlog post in the comments below!

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