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Kindle vs Nook


If you are looking to buy an e-reader and can’t decide whether to buy a Kindle or a Nook, there are many things to consider. I’m sure you’ve already compared the price, hardware, and features. I’d like to share my experience between the Kindle and the Nook. To be clear, I only have the Nook device. I have the Kindle on my computer and on my android phone.

1. Ask your friends what device they have.

Both the Kindle and the Nook have ‘loan a book’ features. It’s the equivalent of letting your friend borrow your book. Keep in mind that some books do not have the loan feature, and some can only be lent once (depends on the publisher). So if you have a friend you love to share books with, you may want to consider using the same device.

2. Do you travel? Do you want access across different platforms?

Kindle has been available for the PC for a long time. The Nook has an app for Windows 8.1, and it doesn’t seem to be available for previous versions. I was able to download the Kindle app onto my phone, but I can’t download the Nook app because I’m not living in the U.S. I was able to download the Nook app on my father’s iPad, but I’m unable to make purchases from the Nook app. The Kindle app has easy access to the Kindle bookstore, so I can easily purchase a book whenever and wherever I am. If you travel or have plans to live in different countries, this is a crucial point to consider.

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