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Everyday Feminine Watch


It’s not a Tiffany’s box but the color comes pretty close! Of course, it doesn’t have the same elegance as a Tiffany’s box wrapped with a white satin ribbon, but I still love the color. I’m definitely going to be keeping this box!

When I was younger I’ve had watches, but once I got a phone I didn’t bother using a watch anymore. Besides the fact that I didn’t necessarily need a watch, I spent a lot of time in front of the computer due to my major so it wasn’t exactly comfortable to wear bracelets or watches.


Lately I’ve needed a watch for work and grad school so I was thrilled when I found this watch! When I first set out to buy a watch I didn’t realize how difficult it would be. There are so many different designs that it’s really hard to choose. I knew I wanted a watch that I could use as a staple, but also something playful and feminine. I immediately fell in love with the slim leather strap and the ring of swarovski crystals. The leather strap came in different colors, but I picked a basic brown that would go with anything. I think it’s great when an accessory can be used for both formal and casual settings. Eventually I want to get one with metal band as well, but for now I’m fully enjoying this one!

I’m curious though, how many watches do you have? Which ones are your favorites?

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