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Kip took a tumble


Kip went to the park with his grandfather and unfortunately took a tumble. He had rushed up some stairs at the far end of the park to say hello to another dog. On the way back down his paw must have gotten caught somewhere and he fell. His paw was bloody and we rushed him to the only open vet. It’s lunar new year so I was thankful that there was a vet that was even open during the holiday. The vet took him back to remove a nail and it broke my heart to hear Kip shrieking in pain.

The vet gave him a shot and then wrapped his paw. When Kip tried to stand up, he put pressure on it. This made it bleed again so when we got home we wrapped some stiff cardboard around it to make a brace of sorts. This let him stand when he needs to go potty but keeps his weight off his paw. Thankfully he hasn’t lost his appetite, and he is taking his medicine mixed with honey. The vet said it should take about two weeks to heal. I hope his paw heals quickly and that his nail grows back soon. It’s so hard seeing him hurt like this.

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