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Update on Kip


Kip had taken a tumble two days ago and hurt his paw. Since then he has been mostly sleeping and needing assistance in moving around and going potty. Today he has been walking a little bit, but he is still limping. This is probably a good thing as he needs to keep his weight off his paw for a while. He started licking and biting at the bandaging today so I had to bring out the cone. He’s a little depressed from no play and no walks, but the rest is good for him. Hopefully he gets well soon!

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  • Toto momsie

    OMG his toenail DROP out or the vet has to pull it out??? Poor thing must be VERY PAINFUL! and during Lunar New year. He must be so bored! It will kill TOto if he cannot MOVE, hahaha!

    Recently we released TOto to chase birds at a empty plot of land, and didn’t see a slope, he jump GLIDED and landed on his head, face! We didn’t see anything wrong until we bathed him, gosh a BUMP and blue black just above his eyes! Luckily not hurt but we are so beatup that we didnt see the slope …

    Hope Kip get better soon!

    • The vet had to pull it out because it twisted :( He cried so much, poor baby!
      He is doing a lot better this week and he had his first walk (since the accident) yesterday :D
      I have to keep him running though, he’s an impatient fella ;)

      Oh no, is TOto ok? eek a black eye :( poor darling!