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Kokiri External Phone Battery Review

In this digital age, the only thing that puts a damper on being connected is battery life. After months of going through the hassle of packing the  charging cord and trying to find an available socket to plug it into, I bit the bullet and bought an external battery pack. Until the end of last year, I was using the Belkin battery pack and it was a fantastic. Obviously, it had the Belkin quality and it lasted me for several days before I had to recharge it. The only two downsides were that it was heavy to carry around and that it wasn’t exactly cheap.

When I lost my precious Belkin battery pack, I was torn by wanting to replace it with another sturdy Belkin and the not wanting to pay so much for something that could potentially get lost. So after spending some time looking at different battery packs, I settled for this battery pack by Kokiri and have found that I really love it!

As you can see, it comes with a cord that is attached to the battery pack, so you never have to worry about packing a cord with you. Apparently you can use it for both Android and the iPhone, depending on which side of the cord is facing upwards. It’s also noticeably lightweight compared to the Belkin, so I don’t feel like I’m adding an extra burden to my bag. It’s almost as slim as my phone, which means that I can slip it in my pocket or a mini-bag without having it take up too much space.

The best thing about this battery pack is that it only costs a fraction of the Belkin, so I would have no qualms about replacing it if I were to ever lose it again. If you find yourself worrying over your battery life or you’ve been carrying around the charging cord, I highly recommend giving this battery pack a try. It just makes life so much easier!

Your Turn ♥ Do you ever find yourself low on battery life? Let me know in the comments below!

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