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2017 March Favorites

March marked the end of my winter break and the beginning of a new semester. Sometimes it feels as though I’ll be a student forever, but I’m sure that once it’s over I’ll miss these times gone by. That’s why I decided to come back and write my March favorites three months later than I should have. I thought about giving it up altogether, but to be honest I really like having these favorites posts to look back on. They remind me of all the memories I’ve collected and I feel so thankful to have them. I’ve changed the time stamp of these posts so that I’m not flooding anyone’s feed with March favorites in July.

#1. Calligraphy challenge – I participated in the #AlphaGetToKnowMe challenge during March, and although I didn’t finish I had a really fun time doing the color challenge! I wrote the letters in italic then splattered watercolor on top for a splash of color!

#2.  Omelette – One of my favorite breakfast foods happens to be omelettes. This one that I had at the Canucks restaurant in Itaewon was one of the most amazing looking omelettes I’ve ever had! I can’t say it was the best omelette, because it’s really hard to beat omelettes paired with tomato sauce, but it definitely had the prettiest presentation.

#3. Uni Style-fit Pen – I’m not quite sure when I switched over to the Uni Style-fit pens, but I do remember that once I made the switch I couldn’t stop using them. Before the Uni Style-fit I had been using the High-tech C pens, which are also known for their fine lines. However, while I’ve had the High-tech C pens dry out on me before, I’ve never had that problem with the Uni Style-fit. An added bonus is that you don’t need to keep track of lids for the Uni-Style-fit. I’ve tried all the colors but find that I prefer using black and orange for highlights. Sometimes I’ll use the blue and purple, but I prefer using black and orange the most.

#4. Poutine – Oh my gushness, if you have not tried Canadian poutine you have to try it. Rich gravy and melted cheese on top of fries? So. Much. Better. Than. Chili. Fries.

#5. Beauty and the Beast – I grew up with Disney and their classic Beauty and the Beast. I also love Emma Watson’s acting so this movie was a match made in heaven for me. There were some bold changes that are still growing on me, but I loved the costumes, sets, props, and the acting. Does anybody else want her blue dress, apron, and jacket from the first half of the movie?

#6. Bongeunsa Temple Lantern Festival – Every year you’ll see rows of lanterns decorating the streets of Seoul, and it usually means that the Lantern Festival is drawing near. I’m not Buddhist by any means, but I loved seeing how colorful and decorative the lanterns were at the Bongeunsa Temple. It’s right next to the Coex Mall, so if you ever plan to visit that area in Seoul it’s the perfect way to check out a Korean Buddhist Temple before getting your shopping on.

Your Turn ♥ Did you watch Beauty and the Beast? How did you like it compared to the original animated film?

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