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Korea – Everland Roller coasters


Let me say for the record that I am afraid of heights. Let me also tell you that this doesn’t stop me from getting on roller coasters! After months and months of stressing out over my thesis, I went to Everland to feel that rush of adrenaline. If you’ve been working on a stressful project and need to de-stress, this is the way to do it! After warming up with rides like the viking (also known as the pirate ship ride), me and my friends tackled the roller coasters one by one. The best out of the bunch was called the T Express, which had a queue that was well over an hour. Totally, totally worth it. We ended up riding the T Express twice so we could experience it in broad daylight and in the pitch dark! Just look at the rickety construction of this wooden roller coaster! Apparently it’s the 4th steepest, 4th tallest roller coaster in the world, and I wasn’t surprised because we pretty much dropped at a 90 degrees angle! Some of the drops were so intense I had to lean my head forward because I was feeling the pressure in my neck.


It was scarier in the dark because as you can see in this video there are lights leading up to the drops so you can feel the anxiety build as you anticipate it. I think it was even scarier for me because I had already ridden it once during the day and knew exactly how tall these drops were. It was hands down the best roller coaster ride I’ve been on.

Your Turn ♥ What’s your favorite ride at an amusement park?

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