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Leather Wrap Bracelet

Sometimes you find something that has been on your wish list for years and it feels all the  more special when you find it! I was window shopping at the Parnas mall, which is right next to the Coex mall in Seoul, and spotted a lifestyle shop called Covetblan. As you know, I love looking through lifestyle shops because they always seem to have treasures waiting to be found inside! Their accessories were on sale so I took a closer look and spotted this leather wrap bracelet. To be honest, it’s not hard to find leather wrap bracelets these days, but it’s really hard to find one with soft leather. Most of the ones I’ve run across have usually had really stiff or scratchy leather. So I’ve been holding out for a really long time in hopes of finding a soft one and I was absolutely thrilled to finally find one that is soft and comfortable to wear.

I love the edgy look that the metal studs bring and wish they had more types of leather bracelets. I’ll have to check back when the season changes to see if they come out with different styles! When I was younger I didn’t really accessorize all that much, but over the course of my 20s I gradually became more obsessed with accessories. I started to collect accessories when I realized they added a final touch to an outfit. Plus they also add a bit of fun and whimsy! I’m always playing with the rings and bracelets that I wear; counting the beads, turning and twisting things, weaving them between my fingers.. Am I the only one that does this? I should probably wrap some yarn around my wrist so I can play cat’s cradle when I’m bored. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve played cat’s cradle since I was in elementary school! Must get my hands on some yarn!

Your Turn ♥ What sort of accessories do you like to wear? Tell me about your favorite piece!

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  • love that bracelet! I used to wear more accessories but I have been going minimalist lately. I only wear a watch, two silver rings, and pearl earrings for my every day look.


    • Kim

      I used to wear something like 10 rings at a time but lately I’ve been giving it a rest lol! I think I’m going through a bracelet phase though. They’ve been popping all over my radar as of late!

  • I like the texture and simple look of that bracelet. I’m not much for accessories, but I do like pieces like this with simple detailing. I can see a cuff like that going with the small silver rings I like to wear!

    • Kim

      Yes! I feel like simple accessories can be used over the years without having to worry about them going out of style as well :D

  • Leather bracelets that aren’t soft are the worst – glad this one is comfy, because it’s definitely so cute! I find myself playing with rings a lot when I wear them, too… not sure why, haha.

    Kathryn • simplykk.com

    • Kim

      I love playing with rings, but sometimes I give myself a scare when I drop them xD I’ve lost a few rings (which always makes me so sad) so I try not to drop them, but I can’t seem to stop myself from playing with my rings hehe

    • Kim

      Kathryn!! I can’t see your blog :O
      I get a whole page full of this error “Warning: Class __PHP_Incomplete_Class has no unserializer in /home/content/p3pnexwpnas10_data02/85/3268085/html/wp-content/object-cache.php on line 1905”

    • Kim

      Oh never mind it’s working again!

  • These are gorgeous and glad they are comfortable to wear :) Also love the little zebra :D so cute!
    My current favourite has to be my green bobble hat, so warm and comfy :D


    • Kim

      Hehe I picked up the zebra at a little stationary shop in Seoul :D
      I loooove accessorizing with hats! I feel like they add an extra touch to your outfit and they’re nice and cozy in the winter ;)

  • Ooh I love how this looks! I remember back when the leather wrap trend was all the rage and I got me some of them too… they used to be much softer but mass production have definitely made all the new ones now all stiff and uncomfortable. I find it very hard to get accessories because my wrists and fingers are too small (small person woes) so whenever I find something it’s usually a customised.

    My fave are pearl earrings (a classic!) and maybe a simple ring :-)

    Cherie ✽ sinonym

    • Kim

      I have the same problem when I’m looking for accessories, especially with bracelets! Usually they’re too big and start to slide off my arm completely. I get so excited when I find accessories that actually fit!