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London: Millennium Bridge


The Millennium Bridge was interesting to me in that it was a bridge purely for pedestrians. The Waterloo bridge and the Westminster Bridge both had streets for cars in the center with the pedestrian walkway on the edges. So it was a bit of a different experience walking across the Millennium Bridge.


The nice thing about the Millennium bridge is that you can look over one side and quickly walk over to look at the other side. With the automobiles passing through the middle of the other bridges, you couldn’t really run over to the other side until you got to a cross walk.


You can see the Shard in this photo and with the light hitting it, it really does look like a shard of glass. The name expresses the architecture perfectly!


It’s a little difficult taking steady photos on the bridge though. You’ll feel the vibrations as people walk by, so I think it might be tricky during low light even if you were to have a tripod on hand. I think it would be an interesting spot to take a photo at the break of dawn or during sunset though. It just has this expansive feeling that I wasn’t able to capture with my camera. I’m hoping to go there again with a wide-angle lens and perhaps from the roof of the Tate Modern nearby as well. Do you like to look for viewpoints with scenic views while you travel? What have been some of your favorite places for photography while traveling?

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  • Beautiful photographs, Kim! I always love seeing London from other peoples perspective & that whole area is great for catching some cool pictures. I think it’s because there are so many iconic buildings visible from there & the river can add an interesting aspect too. I look forward to seeing what you capture if & when you go back! :) x

    • Kim

      Thanks Robert :D I think there is definitely room for improvement with these particular photos. I was in a rush to the Shard and didn’t have much time to experiment with different angles while crossing the Millennium Bridge. I really hope I do go back to London as it was one of my favorite places in Europe. Granted I haven’t seen all of Europe yet, but London definitely has a special place in my heart!