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Tea Time: Muscat Black Tea


On goes my journey to try 100 types of tea! I was up in Seoul the other day and looking for a cafe to do some writing. I spotted a tea cafe called Tea Purple near Gangnam Station and thought it would be a perfect place to do some writing and try another type of tea for my bucket list!


This was my first time in Tea Purple and I believe it’s a chain brand. Their teapots were purple like their brand name, but not very functional as it could not pour anything without spilling. It looks like not all Tea Purple locations use this particular teapot, so maybe I will see if they have another location that doesn’t use this teapot. On the bright side, I like that they actually do give you an entire pot of tea using actual tea leaves instead of the usual cup with a teabag. It was nice to enjoy more than one cup of tea as I was doing my writing, and I was able to get my teapot refilled with hot water without any extra charge.


The muscat black tea has a delightfully fruity fragrance. It smells exactly like muscat grapes, a type of grape that is commonly used for wine. The tea wasn’t sweet and it didn’t particularly taste like muscat either. It was a simple smooth black tea without any bitter notes to it. So you shouldn’t expect it to taste like muscat, but if you like the muscat fragrance you’ll probably find it to your liking. What kind of tea have you tried lately? Let me know in the comments below!

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