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Paris: Château de Versailles (Part ii)


With all the lights shining down through the domes and flooding through the windows, the Versailles was a glittering world of golden delights. As I walked deeper into the decadent maze of art work and gilded trimmings, it seemed as though I had been transported to a different world altogether. Luxurious hotels seen today seem plain and frugal in comparison. Now, consider the hallway in your home. I don’t know about yours, but mine pretty much has a plain white ceiling with plain white coving to go with it. It’s flat and the only thing attached to it is a fluorescent light. Sound familiar? Now take a look at this:


I can’t even begin to put into words what I felt when I saw this ceiling. In fact, I have spent days in front of this post at loss of words. I believe I shall just let the photos speak for themselves and come back and edit it later if I find my wits again.















If you missed the first part of my Versailles posts, you’ll find it here. Now tell me, what do you find to be the most magnificent part of the Versailles?

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  • Wonderful photos, Kim! I love how you focused on the details. I think they’re really what make Versailles such an incredible place :)

    • Kim

      Without a doubt! No corner, no surface seemed to have been set without consideration. While minimalism is beautiful, I was truly impressed with the opposite end of the spectrum where everything was so ornate. I was so glad they allowed photography inside because I think I might have died if they hadn’t lol :P

  • This is so pretty! I cannot wait to be there in about a month! ;) Any tips on going to Versailles you’d care to share?


    • Kim

      Hi Jessica! You must be super excited to go there next month! Since you’ll be there in June, I’d recommend you take a hat and make sure you use sunscreen. I hadn’t expected the garden to be the size of a national park and came out with my face feeling like a raw tomato :P Also, If you do bump up your ISO while you’re in some of the darker rooms, don’t forget to lower it again when you head out into the gardens. I had been so distracted by all the pretty sights that I’d forgotten to do this. Needless to say I was kicking myself when I started editing!

      • Those are some fantastic tips, Kim. I’ll definitely have to remember that about the ISO – I made the same mistake a few days ago, actually!

        • Kim

          Oooh, and don’t forget to pack a spare battery and memory cards :D I left whatever memory cards I had filled inside my luggage where I was staying. That way, if I did have the misfortune of having my camera stolen, I wouldn’t have lost ALL of the photos I had taken during my trip.

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