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Every once in a while, I’ll wander over to the magazine section of the bookstore to see what the latest bu-rokes are. Bu-rokes are essentially a small gift that comes with Korean magazines that usually consists of a sample of a beauty product, or a fashion accessory. This is part of the reason why most people in Korea don’t subscribe to one particular magazine; they check what goodies the magazine comes with and decide which one to buy accordingly. This month, I was excited to see that Allure Korea had collaborated with Jo Malone London to create a Perfume & Flower booklet containing a voucher for a 1.5 ml cologne sample.



The booklet featured ten of the Jo Malone London fragrances with a description of the scent and a floral arrangement. I thought it made much more sense to see the fragrance arranged with the flowers then with a model or celebrity. Even if I don’t know the scent of a certain flower, I am more likely to be curious about the fragrance described as peony rather than just floral. The word floral is almost like an abstract notion that lumps all flowers together into a confusing mess. Peony on the other hand, immediately had me thinking pretty.




I have a confession to make, but you already know what it is. When I dropped by the Jo Malone London corner at the Shinsege department store, I came home with more than a sample. In my defense, I was doing really well when I was picking out the sample I wanted. There were scents that were lovely (Wild Bluebell, Peony & Blush Suede), and there were scents that just weren’t for me (Orange Blossom, Red Roses).



I had finally decided to trade in my voucher for the Nectarine Blossom & Honey sample, when suddenly a scent embraced me from behind. It was perfect, even though I didn’t have the words to describe the notes lingering in the air. It was spring; like a warm afternoon surrounded by lush green with a slight breeze in the air. It was sweet, but with a lightness that didn’t feel at all like a heavy syrup. It struck a perfect balance between fruity and floral, but also had a warmth that made me fall in love.




Blue Skies and Blossoms is a limited Spring collection featuring the Cherry Blossom, Plum Blossom, and Osmanthus Blossom. The Osmanthus Blossom was first released in 2013 as a limited edition and re-released this spring. I love the new bottle and the packaging it came in and hope they add this fragrance to their main collection. This is the first time I’ve actually decided to keep the box of a fragrance as the design is simple but elegant. Even the samples came in a pretty bottle and a miniature box.


Have you tried any of the Jo Malone London fragrances or candles? Which one is your favorite?

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  • My sister is obsessed with Jo Malone candles! I think they’re quite expensive as well. She must spend a fortune on them! lol :)

    • Kim

      Ahh yes that is how I first heard about Jo Malone actually! I heard a lot about their candles so at first I thought it was a candle company. I don’t think I could afford the candle, especially since it’s pretty easy to burn through a candle quickly. The fragrance on the other hand, I know that I’ll be able to use it for years to come. The last time I bought a fragrance was over 5 years ago (a 50ml sized bottle) and I’ve still got over half left :D

  • I have Nectarine & Honey Blossom and it’s fantastic… My local store has sold out of all the Blue Skies perfumes, I adore adore adore Osmanthus and have instant perfume-regret for not buying it when I tried it. Enjoy your new scents!

    • Kim

      I’m loving the Osmanthus Blossom and admit to using it even when I’m not going out. The scent just gives me an extra happiness boost :D I heard that Osmanthus Blossom first came out two years ago so here’s hoping they continue to release it in the spring!

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