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Paris: Eiffel Tower from the Montparnasse


No trip to a city is complete without seeing the city at night, and Paris was no exception! The Eiffel Tower was beautiful at night. The lights came on before it became completely dark, so I was happy to see it lit up against the dusky sunset.





The moment the sparkly lights came on, there was this collective exclamation from everyone on deck. I didn’t know that the Eiffel had a sparkly light show once the sun went down so it was a nice surprise!


As you can see from this shot, the Eiffel Tower is quite a distance from the Montparnasse Tower. It is nice to see a sweeping view of the city, all seemingly connected in a network of lights.


It’s amazing how short lived and fragmented the memory can be. I remember being up there and I remember seeing the Eiffel Tower, but I don’t have a picture memory where I can remember all these colors and details. I’m so glad I was able to bring home this memory and share them with you. What is your favorite memory from your travels?

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  • This is such a beautiful view! Lovely photos :)

    Sarah | sarahanne14.blogspot.com

    • Kim

      Thanks Sarah :D Yes I think it was very pretty once the sun started to set and the lights came on!

  • My god Kim, your photos are stunning. I spent a long time just scrolling up and down. They are some of the best photos I’ve ever seen of the Eiffel tower. And I’ve seen a lot! Gorgeous, just gorgeous.


    • Kim

      Thanks so much Lifeplus1 (I checked your About page but didn’t find a name I could call you by?)! At first I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get one of those sunsets where the colors are strongly ablaze, but when I saw the dusky colors settle in I had to hold my breath to take it all in (and keep my camera from shaking hehe).

  • Wow! Beautiful photographs, Kim! I can’t believe I missed these when you first posted them. Luckily I was just checking out your blog & noticed them lol :)

    • Kim

      Thanks Robert! It might have been because I had two blog posts about the Montparnasse. I know the usual advice with photographs on blog posts is to curate and keep it down to 4-5, but being the shutterbug that I am, I’m finding that rather difficult ;)

  • I’ve been trying to read all your London/Paris posts because I will also be going there! I’m so hyped up just reading about your experience. You offer some pretty great tips, btw. I’d totally appreciate hearing more of them!

    WONDERMENTARY @ http://blog.jessicapei.com

    • Kim

      lol thanks! Most of them are rambling so you are welcome to skim through them :P
      Ooh if you are going to the Notre Dame, after you check out the inside there is a line to the left (facing the building. so to the right when you walk out) to go up to the viewpoint. I think you had to pay for it separately, but it is so worth it. (You can hear the bells of Notre Dame and see the gargoyles!) Also, don’t forget to peek at the backside of the Notre Dame if you are into architecture. It’s just as beautiful as the front ;)

      • I’ll be part of a tour group for that, so my hopes aren’t too high. But it would be pretty great if we could do the tower climb :)

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