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Seattle/Tacoma: Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium


The Point Defiance Zoo is actually in Tacoma, but unless you’re from Washington state you’ve probably not heard of it. It’s about an hour away from Seattle and I’d only recommend it if you’re staying in Seattle for an extended period of time, love polar bears and tigers, or just want to check out every zoo and aquarium in the Puget Sound region.


One of the highlights of the Point Defiance Zoo is their windowed area where you can watch the polar bears swim and wrestle in the water.


These cubs are probably full grown by now, but they were mighty cute when I saw them!



This beauty is an arctic fox and I can’t help but wonder how he keeps his fur so white! He seemed to be a curious little guy. He came to the edge of his enclosure and studied me for a good before walking off.



The Point Defiance Aquarium wasn’t as extensive as the Seattle Aquarium, but had the perk of being a two-in-one deal as you got to see both an aquarium and a zoo at Point Defiance. Personally, I haven’t found aquariums to be all that interesting and prefer going to the zoo.



As for the concept of zoos, I haven’t quite made up my mind. I’m talking of course about whether zoos are depriving animals of freedom, or providing a safe habitat. It is not as simplistic as you’d expect. Animals have been driven to the brink of extinction because of us. Even when they are “free” in the wild their freedom is defined by mankind. We require them to stay within the boundaries we define as the “wild” and if they cross the border and come near us we label them as a threat and kill them off. Even when they are minding their own business poachers will come after them and pollution creeps up on them as well. The natural chain of life has been broken. Is it better to keep them where they’ll be safe from our destructive hands? I imagine that sometime in the future zoos will be closed off to the public or restricted in the number of daily visits allowed to reduce the stress of the last of the animals. What are your thoughts on zoos?

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