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5 Things I Regret Not Doing In London


Last summer I spent three glorious days in London, and loved every minute of it! I wanted to see everything in London but of course, that would be entirely impossible. So I came away with things that I didn’t get to see or do while I was there.

#1. Try Yorkshire Pudding & Toad in the Hole
If you have any British friends, you may have heard about Yorkshire Pudding at one point or another. Regretfully, I couldn’t find it on the menu in any of the places I ate while I was in London. Had I known it would be hard to find I would have done some Googling to find a place to try Yorkshire Pudding ahead of time. Toad in the Hole was also something I wanted to try because of the peculiar name, but I didn’t have any luck with that either.

#2. Afternoon Tea
I know I know! How did I manage to go all the way to London and not have afternoon tea?! Well, as you know things never go exactly as planned while traveling and this just happened to be one of those things that got left out for lack of time.  I’d read about a more affordable Afternoon Tea at the National Portrait Gallery, but I didn’t even finish seeing everything at the National Gallery even though I skipped the National Portrait Gallery.

#3. See a performance at Shakespeare Globe
I did see a musical while I was in London, but I didn’t get to see a performance at Shakespeare Globe as they were booked out. I didn’t get to see Shakespeare Globe altogether, so it will definitely something to do the next time I visit London!

#4. Take a look around Borough Market
Personally, I didn’t really like the movie Notting Hill so I wasn’t very interested in going to Portobello Market. One of my friends had recommended looking around Borough Market instead so that was what I had planned to do. Due to changes in the itinerary, I never made it to Borough Market, Shakespeare Globe, or Tate Modern. While a market may seem like a common every day experience, I think you can learn a lot about a culture by visiting a market and seeing the food and wares.

#5. Make a Call from a Red Telephone Booth
Well, first I’ll have to find a nice area with a clean telephone booth because all of the ones I saw while I was in London were filthy. I don’t think I would have touched one with a five foot pole! If there is a clean one in London somewhere, I would like to go in and make a call because the red telephone booth is so iconic. Plus I think it would have a touch of nostalgia. When I was growing up public phone booths were scattered around the city. Now that everyone has a cellphone the only place you’ll ever see a telephone booth (at least in the States & Korea) is at the airport.

What are some things you regret not doing in London, and what are some things you definitely want to try the next time you’re there?

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