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Seoul: Garosu-gil Street in Shinsa


Garosu-gil street is known for it’s pretty cafes and road shops along a street lined with trees, which makes it the perfect spot to have a photo walk or simply explore. I thought this hand painted sign with a simple message was cute and endearing. Nevermind that the cake and tarts aren’t on display, the sign just has so much personality even though it’s so simple!


Hello hand lettering and spring! I think I’m going to have to pick up hand lettering as a hobby. Love the leaves and extended curls at the end of these letters.


If I have a garden someday, I really want to make a colorful tiled mosaic in it somewhere. Not exactly for a whole walkway, but just a small special spot somewhere. Though, I guess it would depend on the shape of the garden so we’ll have to see.

Say hello to Miso! Or maybe her name is spelled Meeso. Either way her name means ‘smile’ in Korean. She was a cutie and had a penchant for kissing my nose (much to the shock of Kip when I got home). We brought her with us on our walk and pretty soon had some company…


… this silly Goldie slipped through the doors of this hair salon to say hello to Miso! He was too heavy for the owner to carry, so she sort of wheelbarrowed him back into the salon.


I’ve been wanting to take a nice bike shot ever since I saw some lovely ones over at A Blog By Robert, so I stopped mid street when I saw this one in front of a cafe. It doesn’t compare in either mood or composition, but it has its charm and I was happy with the coloring. I think I was actually a bit happier when we came back around to have some coffee, and I was allowed to grab a shot of the neon sign inside.


What treasures have you found on photo walks or while exploring your neighborhood?

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