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Seattle: Pike Place Market


Meet the producers! Pike Place Market is the farmers market located downtown Seattle bustling with life and energy. Don’t mistake this for your average weekly farmers market. Pike Place Market is open daily and has unique sights that sets it apart from all the others. Follow me as I show you around some of the special highlights of Pike Place Market!


#1. Pike Place Fish Market
No journey to Pike Place Market is complete without paying a visit to the Pike Place Fish Market! Located right at the entrance, the Pike Place Fish Market is “world famous” for its upbeat energy and of course it’s flying fish.




There are other fish stands peppered throughout the market, and you can see all sorts of colorful peculiar looking fish. Look at the expression on the fish to the right!


#2. Neon signs & Flowers
Pike Place has an interesting vibe with its vintage signs in both print and neon. Flowers also add a bit of light on their own with their bright colors and pretty arrangements.




#3. Fruits & Veggies
What market would be complete without fruits and veggies? Prices are handwritten with a red border; a design that is shared throughout various stands in the market.


This is probably the best display at Pike Place Market! It’s always fun to point it out to visiting friends and watch them jump an inch out of their skin!

You’ll also see an interesting assortment of handmade wares and paintings throughout the market. You’ll also see an assortment of clothes and accessories with more to be found on the lower floors.


#4. The Gum Wall
Of course you must find the gum wall while you’re there! It’s in an alleyway so if you’re having trouble finding it just ask one of the locals. I kept my safe distance as the last thing I wanted to do was trip and land on a wall covered with gum, but it made for an interesting backdrop for photos. So if you’re looking to take some memorable photos or add to this delightfully gross piece of work, head on over to the gum wall at Pike Place Market.




#5. Meet Rachel and Billie
Rachel the Pigs is the official mascot of Pike Place Market. She’s actually a piggy bank so if you’d like to donate towards the Pike Market Food Bank, Senior Center, and other social services, find Rachel at the main entrance of Pike Place Market. Oh, and she’ll be happy to take a photo with you. She even lets small children sit on her back!


#6. Piroshkies
Clam chowder is famed at Pike Place Market, but if you’re allergic to shellfish or would like to try something else, Piroshky Piroshky is the way to go.




You can’t go wrong with the Smoked Salmon Pate Piroshky, but Beef and Cheese was pretty good as well!


#7. The First Starbucks Store
Even if you’re not addicted to coffee, I’d say it’s worth stopping by the very first Starbucks store. According to Google there are more than 21 thousand Starbucks stores in the world, so it’s interesting to see where it all began! You can add a special Pike Place Market cup to add to your Starbucks mug collection, or buy a simply buy a souvenir for your friends; they’ll probably appreciate it more than a key ring or magnet!

What is your favorite thing about a farmers market? Let me know in the comments below!

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