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Seoul – Shinchon Watergun Festival


Monsoon season has brought the heat and humidity of a raging volcano, so the best way to put out the fire is with a fire truck. Actual firefighters were at the 4th annual water gun festival held at Shinchon in Seoul. They were spraying us with the fire hose and we got to shoot back at the firefighters with our water guns! Further down the road there were sprinklers and a large water slide, but the highlight was the boat-shaped stage from which the DJ was hitting the music and the crowds were jumping with their water guns high in the air! I got completely soaking wet from head to toe and had more fun than I have had at any water park! Everyone was shooting at everyone and it was a lot of fun because people didn’t care that you were a stranger and shooting at them. They would laugh and shoot you back and other random people would jump in.

If you decide to visit Korea during the summer, you should definitely check if the Shinchon Watergun Festival is going on! You can join for free or you can pay for a ticket to get access to lockers and changing rooms. They sold waterguns there too and in my experience the waterguns worked fairly well but were somewhat flimsy and broke towards late afternoon. So if you just want something that works well enough to have fun for the day it’s not a bad choice, but if you want something that you can use the next year you might want to buy something bigger and well built.

Your Turn ♥ How do you like to beat the heat in the summer?

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