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While on a lunch date with my parents at a city called Pan-gyo in Korea, we decided to check out an outdoor shopping center called Avenue France. I was thrilled to stumble across this small lifestyle shop, because it’s not very often you run across a lifestyle shop and they always have treasures to be uncovered! It’s always exciting when you find something that you can’t normally find in other stores or even online!



I walked out of the warm colorful shop with a handful of goodies after having carefully combed through all the shelves full of stationary, accessories, and interior decorations. I felt like a 5-year-old who had just been to a candy store because I had found some goodies that had been on my wish list!



The first thing I found when I walked into the store were these binder clips. I’ve been wanting to get some binder clips to hold down the side of my journal pages so that it would be easier to take photos of spreads. To be honest, these binder clips aren’t very strong but I prefer them that way. I was always a little afraid to use the steel binder clips because they sort of dig into the paper and leave dents in the pages.





What would decorating be without stickers? These stickers were right up my alley with their vintage design and travel theme concept! I’m not very good at decorating yet, but I’ve been feasting my eyes on all the inspiration from Instagram. I’ve been trying to sport the motto ‘I can do anything if a practice!’ to try to boost my motivation and confidence these days. These days you can see so much amazing work on Instagram or Pinterest and it’s easy to feel sort of small and insignificant at times. If you look closer though, all those amazing people started somewhere as a beginner too. So I’ve been trying to encourage myself to take that step towards creativity!



I really lucked out on these stamps because normally they are only sold in a set. Sets tend to be expensive and usually they’re a mix of things you want and things you’d never use. So I was pretty stoked to see these being sold individually! I have a thing for mail cancellation stamps because I find that I don’t get tired of them. I think that’s the fallacy of rubber stamps; you can use them forever, but you’re likely to grow tired of the design sooner or later. So I try to restrain myself from buying random cute stamps and keep to the vintage ones. These mail themed stamps can be used for both snail mail and travel themed decorating so they’re definitely keepers!

Your Turn ♥ What do you collect as a hobby? Do you have any favorite stamps that you find useful year in-year out?

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