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Seoul: Sinsa Garosu-gil


While most tourists swarm to Myungdong to do their shopping and sight-seeing, the rest of us Seoulites are sipping lattes away from the crowds. It’s true, some tourists have heard of the wonders of Sinsa and you can spot them every once in a while, but it’s still relatively a favorite hot spot of the locals for it’s unique jam-up of cafes and independent shops. There’s always something going on in Sinsa and the decor is always changing and evolving. So if you’re looking to get the authentic, artistic, trendy experience of Seoul, head down south to Sinsa.






This particular cafe is absolutely crazy. The photo is a bit dark but if you look closely there is dirt on the floor. There is dirt on the floor throughout the entire cafe, and they actually grow corn on the second floor. Corn!! As in actual corn stalks with leaves. Can you believe it?


In Sinsa, there is a street called Garosu-gil. Garosu is the word for the trees lining the side of the street, and gil is the word for street. Unfortunately, most of the shops on the main street of Garosu-gil have been slowly switching out to the bigger chain stores, but rest assured that the rest of the neighborhood is brimming with interesting independent shops. This also makes it a fantastic place to wander about, because pretty much all the minor streets that segway off of Garosu-gil are full of interesting shops and cafes. If you ever get lost, you just have to ask where Garosu-gil is to get back to the main road.

Your Turn ♥ Have you ever wanted to visit Seoul? Where in Seoul would you like to visit?

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  • Ooo, if I ever get the chance to visit Seoul, you’ll have to give me tips on the best places to visit! I love a place with independent shops and delicious coffee!

    Stephanie ● Sartorial Diner

    • Kim

      Hehe I’ll have to pull up a list for you ;)
      There’s also a cafe at Garosu-gil called Independent Coffee. I remembered it just as I was reading your comment about “independent” shops and delicious “coffee.”

  • Ah I loved Garosu-gil area when I visited Seoul – a couple of my friends recommended it as a less-tourist area too! So many adorable cafes, so little time ;)

    • Kim

      Hehe yeah, I think it’s probably because Garosu-gil is in the southern part of Seoul, whereas all of the royal palaces and Myungdong are up north. Cafe hopping is so much fun in Korea! I should make a more conscious effort to try them all lol! It’s so easy to get into the habit of going to a favorite though :P

  • I need to come back to Seoul soon! And come visit this area! and to stock up for more beauty product ;)

    • Kim

      Hehe, it’s in the southern part of Seoul but it’s definitely a bit easier shopping for beauty products here because the stores aren’t as crowded. There salespeople aren’t as “in your face” as well.