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Seoul: Sok-chon Lake Cherry Blossoms


Last year I had went to Sok-chon Lake up in Seoul to see the cherry blossoms and had such a lovely time that I was happy to revisit the place again this year. This time I went on the day that the blossoms were expected to be in full bloom and was enchanted by the snowy flowers that formed a canopy along the walkway around the lake.


At the center of the lake is the amusement park called Lotte World, and I haven’t been there since I was in middle school. Back then everything was indoors so I wonder when they built the outdoor part of the amusement park. To be honest, when I was younger I preferred Everland (another amusement park in Korea) to Lotte World, but maybe the outdoor rides will change my mind. I’ll have to see some time.


It seemed to be the most crowded between noon till 3pm but by 4pm there was a bit of breathing space. It’s much more enjoyable when you’re not getting swept along by a crowd. I’d still say it’s worth going even if there is a crowd as they’re such a beautiful part of spring and they only last a short while.


The tricky thing about taking photos of cherry blossoms is that it’s really easy for them to get blown out or sort of shadowed if they’re forming a canopy under the sun. So I find it challenging to capture that airy bright feeling sometimes. Of course it’s always wise to pick an angle that has optimal lighting, but part of the fun of taking pictures of cherry blossoms is finding a sweep of flowers that you want to frame.


Sometimes you might want to capture the lofty feeling of tree completely covered in cherry blossoms.


Other times you may want to capture the small bouquets of cherry blossoms nested in the branches.



I also like to capture them in an almost veil-like pattern and it was particularly pretty when it hung over the lake. It was a shame to see all the tall buildings around, but I suppose that can’t be helped in the midst of Seoul.



I love how the branches sweep upward in a delicate curve! It just shapes the cherry blossoms in such a lovely way. I just felt so happy walking under the cherry blossoms and wished they would last longer. Alas, it has been raining non stop since Monday so they’ve probably fallen a bit by now.


Do you like to enjoy the cherry blossoms in the spring?

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